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In game[edit]

Akincilar ico.png
Akıncılar — Vital statistics

Light cavalry unit which sacrifices armour and robustness for mobility, first strike capability and bonus attack versus civilian infrastructure.

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement

  • Imperial Era
  • Darul Islam Knowledge production
95 10 18 1.6s

Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Wealth.jpg: 100
Food.jpg: 2


2 0–1
  • First strike capability.
  • Bonus damage versus light infantry and buildings.
  • Defensive bonus versus Archers.
  • Defensive penalty versus gunpowder weapons.
  • Attack penalty versus camel cavalry and elephants.
  • Drastic attack penalty versus fortifications.


Overall strategy[edit]

Akıncılar are special cavalry units raised by the Turks, and function as a fast-moving raiding unit whose main ability is damaging buildings other than Towers and Castles. Unlike other factions' cavalry, they are not recruited from the Stable, but rather serve as a unique mercenary units — thus costing Wealth rather than the traditional Food and Timber usually outlaid for conventional light melee cavalry. While they do same stats as Broken Men and Border Raiders, they however move faster and can be used to raid unprotected enemy settlements, thus making them ideal units for late-game raiding and escort.

There however is one weakness: although they are created in the Imperial Era, Akıncılar do not share the same ability to resist gunpowder weapons, and can be easily hurt if not destroyed by massed Arquebus shot, so do not use them to repel Arquebusiers or any other gun infantry.