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CtW Guide

In contrast to the Early Campaign, the Late Campaign revolves around the fate of Cyprus, the last Christian kingdom in the Levant with ties to the Armenian Hetumids who are now reduced to a strip of land in Asia Minor.

Initially, Cyprus are allied to both the Aragonese and the French, but are at war with Saracen Egypt. As an AI faction, Cyprus will immediately offer vassalship to the Venetians once Cappadocia, Trebizond and Edessa are conquered by other factions. Being so close to the Saracens, it is possible that they may not survive.

In contrast, however, any player seeking to rework history as House Lusignan will will be advised to find a means of surviving the early stages of war. The Egyptian Saracens are your main enemy and their control of the Holy Land and Syria means that they are more than capable of taking you out all at once. Your only choice at the start is to send your initial army in Cyprus north into Anatolia and to annex Edessa. Southern Edessa already is the home of the Armenian diaspora, so you can expect a fairly easy fight there since the Armenians will give you help in taking out the other Turks. Sugar factories in action should help make it easier for you to purchase food while producing a bit of resources for you to use — alternatively you could attack the Saracens head on but it is not a wise thing to do since they are quite powerful and you are not capable of generating tribute of your own accord.

Thus, as Armenia, diplomacy is key in the Late CtW. Although you already have two allies, they may be too far away to help, so you may need to consider others. The Turks, Venetians, Serbs and Byzantines may prove to be useful in keeping other Christians from molesting you, although it might be possible that these four factions may instead just fight one another.


CtW objectives

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions or acquire 10 colonies

Initial start

Sphere of influence

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