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The Ba have the power of Enterprise.

The land of the Ba is a land of harsh and unforgiving hills sheltering fertile riparian valleys. For this reason, the Ba are a very isolated people as much as they too are martial race are seen by outsiders as uncultured if not utterly savage. But savagery sometimes has its benefits. The Ba after all believe that their first king, Lin, became a white tiger upon his death, and the tribes seek to emulate the ways of the tiger in combat, which is more often than not these days. The great state of Chu to the east has always provided great opportunities for young and enterprising Ba to seek a living as mercenaries for the House of Mi.

Times are slowly changing, however. The Chinese of the Central Plain, once united under the Zhou king, now begin to feud against one another, while Chu waxes strong. Should Chu take advantage of the chaos and eventually seize control of all Under Heaven, the safety of the Ba can then no longer be guaranteed. Ba thus must found a unified state, and then seek out new allies in order to preserve the independence of her tribes; otherwise her former ally Chu may prove a force too great to contain.

Faction Type: Tribal
National Bonuses:

  • Receive free Light Infantry whenever you build a new Barracks.
  • Receive bonus resources from destroying enemy units and/or buildings.
  • Start with 1 level of Military Military technology already researched

National Penalties:

Unique Units:

  • [Settlement] Peons, Slaves, Peasant Levy , Hunters
  • [Outpost] Explorer, Skirmisher Levy
  • [House] Bow Levy, Tribal Spearmen, Tribal Crossbow, Ge infantry (dagger axe) => Ji Infantry.

Tribal units use Wealth for their ramp.

  • [Barracks] Spearmen => Heavy Spearmen, Light Axes
  • [Corral] Horsemen; Horse Raiders => Khinbeh-Tui
  • [Nobles' Court] Tiger Warriors



  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Langzhong
  • Heyangcheng
  • Diaoyucheng
  • Nanjin
  • Yanjing
  • Caojie
  • Yunmen
  • Dashi
  • Shayu
  • Guandu
  • Laitan
  • Tongxi
  • Shuangfeng
  • Shitan
  • Qingping
  • Tuchang
  • Xiaomian
  • Sanhui
  • Xianglong
  • Qiantang
  • Longshi
  • Yanwo
  • Taihe
  • Weituo
  • Shuanghuai
  • Qixinggang
  • Lianglukou
  • Nanjimen
  • Wanglongmen
  • Daxigou
  • Daping
  • Hualongqiao
  • Xiaojia
  • Gulou
  • Erlang
  • Longfeng
  • Longxing
  • Alang
  • Cai
  • Chue
  • Ci
  • Foom
  • Fuechy
  • Fwam
  • Hawj
  • Kaus
  • Kee
  • Koob-Hmoov
  • Koob-Meej
  • Kub
  • Lis
  • Lin
  • Muas
  • Nhia
  • Nruag
  • Pobtsuas
  • Rwg
  • Tooj
  • Tswb
  • Tub
  • Wang-Meng
  • Xyoob
  • Yeej
  • Zoov
  • Huab
  • Yuanjia
  • Ren
  • Ang