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  • Strong infantry component, highly ideal for aggressive play using frequent raiding against slower opponents.
  • Weaknesses: Heavily dependent on infantry, limited technological development.

As befitting a warrior society, the Ba are highly warlike, depending primarily on the use of infantry to fight off their foes. The signature unit of the Ba people, the Tiger Warrior, is a short sword unit, capable of a ferociously fast attack befitting its namesake.

Of course, however, there is one area in which the Ba don't stand a chance, and that is in economic warfare. Battles of attrition will easily wear them down,. It will be very difficult for them to come back should they be facing more advanced nations with an even greater command of industry and craftwork than they do. Moreover, because they are restricted to using only infantry, they are also at a massive disadvantage when it comes to fending off factions with good cavalry, especially in the late game. So it is better to continuously wear down your enemy with your units, using them as mentioned before to keep up the pressure so that they won't be able to concentrate on their economy, eventually having to abandon their best units which are bound to be more technologically complicated. Strike early and often, and unexpectedly, and the Ba nation will prevail.

Strategic Overview
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