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The Bach Viet have the power of Resilience.

For millenia, the tribes of Yue have resisted the encroachment of Chinese influence on their region and the corruption of their culture by the same, but times are different this time around. While some have given up and adopted innovations from the warlike Chinese such as the kingdoms of Wu and Yue, others like the Bach Viet have remained staunch defenders of the culture and ways of their forefathers. It will be no small challenge, especially if the Zhou should reunite and renew efforts to break the Bach Viet once and for all.

Bach Viet lands are poor with regards to arable land for vast fields of rice or millet, or grazing, but that has only made the Bach Viet masters of living off the land. For this reason, and the fact that they are surrounded by marsh on land and sea to the east, the Bach Viet have become able seamen. A few of them have also become traders too, exchanging the resources of their land with nations further south who have dared to venture forth in ships along the coast.

Faction Type: Tribal
National Bonuses:

  • Start with 1 Commerce Commerce Tech Already researched
  • For every 100 of a resource in your treasury beyond starting level, receive +3 income for that resource. This income can exceed Commerce Cap by 200.
  • Receive three light ships whenever a new Dockyard is built.
  • Ship upgrades 33% Cheaper

Unique Units:


  • Horsemen, Horse Raiders

[Ships] War Galley Mercenaries:

  • Bandits
  • [Chinese] Renegade Warlord (Chariot), Mercenary Crossbowmen, Mercenary Spearmen
  • [Man] Man Warriors, Sino-Man Crossbowen, Man Horsemen
  • [Viet] Tiên Phong‎; Voi Rừng


  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Phiên Ngung
  • Thanh Viễn
  • Thanh Thành
  • Thiều Quan
  • Trinh Giang
  • Hà Nguyên
  • Nguyên Thành
  • Mai Châu
  • Mai Giang
  • Triều Châu
  • Phong Khê
  • Triệu Khánh
  • Đoan Châu
  • Vân Phù
  • Vân Thành
  • Thiền Thành
  • Đông Hoản
  • Nam Thành
  • Huệ Châu
  • Huệ Thành
  • Sán Vĩ
  • Thành Khu
  • Yết Dương
  • Dong Thành
  • Sán Đầu
  • Kim Bình
  • Trạm Giang
  • Xích Khảm
  • Mậu Danh
  • Mậu Nam
  • Dương Giang
  • Giang Thành
  • Giang Môn
  • Đông Khu
  • Châu Hải
  • Hương Châu
  • Đông Trung
  • Bao
  • Chí
  • Công
  • Dinh
  • Đuc
  • Dũng
  • Dương
  • Giang
  • Hue
  • Hùng
  • Huu
  • Khánh
  • Kim
  • Minh
  • Nguyên
  • Quyen
  • Quỳnh
  • Son
  • Trinh
  • Tu
  • Tuan
  • Vinh