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  • Strengths: Good raiding infantry, strong defensive navy.
  • Weaknesses: No proper heavy cavalry, or infantry to speak of.

The "Bach Viet" or "Hundred Yue" (as they were known to the ancient Chinese) are a race that is concentrated mainly on several things: exploration and littoral warfare of a defensive nature.

Being capable of viewing the map and gathering resources from ruins can be a powerful means to start the game. Not only are Ruins plentiful at the early start, but they are also within full view of the Bach Viet player who can make use of this edge in information warfare for better planning of demographic expansion (and possibly acquisition, later on) to encompass key strategic areas. It is true that the Iranians have an advantage in expansion, and the Nubians also have a strong intelligence gathering bias (owing to their ability to see rare resources) but the Bach Viet are able to fully use that ability to properly coordinate their construction projects within their available national borders to encompass areas of crucial importance such as defensible positions, rare resources and/or Timber and Metal-gathering areas owing to their having the entire map revealed to them.

Thereafter comes the issue of Ruins. On paper, Ruins don't give much but they are very helpful, especially in the early start of the game when you are still scraping the barrel to construct a new building. However, this is where one of the Bach Viet civilisation's quirks comes into play: for the Bach Viet this amount increases EXPONENTIALLY with each level of Science research, from a humble +36 all the way to a whopping +192 at Level 7. Being capable of finding these Ruins and acquiring more resources out of them can mean the difference between a successful boom/rush strategy and being overwhelmed by an enemy's numerical or economic superiority. Thus, this bonus shouldn't be overlooked where possible especially since Science (a very heavily overlooked area by most players of RoN) can be quite powerful since it increases the amount of resources that you'd normally harvest per Ruin patch. In conclusion, pushing for the Science track can be very profitable for Bach Viet, by increasing the amount of resources possible for research whilst lowering the resource costs for ALL other areas of research, particularly Military.

On land and at sea, the Bach Viet can be a potentially strong faction. Aside from being able to spawn heavy ships from newly built Docks, the Bach Viet also have a plethora of units that they can rely upon to keep the foe at bay. Of the four Asian factions, the Bach Viet have the largest and most versatile mix of warships, ranging from simple War boats and Rammer Ships all the way to Longships and Tower Barques (which can automatically spawn from your Dock). That said Bach Viet armies are not as heavy hitting as Zhou or Shang chariots, or as sturdy as the heavy spears used by Western factions, but they have their own value. Sword Dancers are swords units capable of boosting nearby friendly units whilst keeping a strong edge against infantry, supplemented later on by the jungle tribesmen available to the Bach Viet as mercenaries, as well as Tribal Shamans and Forest Elephants. This makes the Bach Viet a naval-intensive faction with a sound army that is best geared towards trashing most melee armies, but is still somewhat weak as per regards to missile units, particularly Middle Eastern and Asiatic heavy archer tactics. The Bach Viet are especially weak in games with open dry land so many of the chariot-driving factions such as the Shang, Zhou, Egyptians and Assyrians can decimate them fairly quickly given that the Bach Viet don't have early game cavalry beyond Horsemen.

Taking these in account, the Bach Viet player's first instinct must always be to border rush as quickly as possible and to be the first to ply blue water. As with all other factions, always seek to research Level 1 Science as quickly as possible and don't leave your Explorers idle — keep them running, dodging enemies whilst zeroing in on Ruins all the time. Science is vital as the first Temple you build will also create a nice bonus of Wealth, which can then be invested in an Assembly to the begin the long and slow process of gathering Influence. Following that, your next task is to seize and fortify areas of the map which favour defence or resource acquisition as soon as possible. Allies are also essential. As an ally, the Bach Viet's abilities are very much prized and can synergise well with expansive factions (ie Iranians, Indians, Thracians), or factions who can cover for the deficiency in cavalry (most notably the Iranians and Indians, although the Zhou and Shang are just as good too in the early game).