Baghlah Hrbiyah

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"So the rovers went to work with a will and built "round ships" or "tall ships," as the sailing vessels were called [,] instructed by English and Flemish pirates, and before long they became dreaded far beyond the limits of their old cruising grounds, when they had nothing but galleys."

John Finnemore, The Barbary Corsairs

In game[edit]

Corvette tapc icon.png
Baghlah Hrbiyah — Vital statistics
Baghlah Hrbiyah

Light ship that is faster but weaker with have less armour, and capable of producing plunder if damaging an enemy economic building.

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
Upgrade of Upgrades to
  • Late Mediaeval Era [3];
  • Level 1: Caravan Train Commerce
175 12 19 1.6s


Apex unit.
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Food.jpg: 30;
Timber: 20
Food.jpg: 1;
1 Estaleiro.png 1 0–8
Sicily Moors.jpg Saracens.jpg

Overall strategy[edit]

One of the fastest and most dangerous vessels around, the Baghlah Hrbiya (or war baghlah) is a fast wooden ship that is faster but weaker than traditional brigantines. These ships, have less armour than European or Asian ones, but make up for it with additional rate of fire and speed, making them highly deadly for skirmishing and raiding, being extremely useful for sinking Transport Hoys. As these units do not require republican research, you can research Absolutism to create a highly powerful navy, consisting of Lantern Galleys and Baghalat Hrbiyat, and fire ships. The Baghalat can be used to keep fire ships away from the rest of your navy, and are sufficiently fast, allowing them to keep up with the hit-and-run tactics employed by Lantern Galleys. Just take care not to attack Carracks, though, as Carracks with their powerful, quick-firing shot can send a dozen of your boats to the bottom of the ocean.

Unit summary[edit]

  • Taking Enemy Fire — The increased accuracy of a Baghlah Hrbiyah’s missiles and speed make them good for raiding and defending against fireships. On the other hand, their low cost makes them ideal as decoys.
  • The First Wave — Due to low cost and high speed, Barques can be massed fairly quickly and used to counter a Fire Vessel rush.
  • A Warm Welcome — As Baghalat Hrbiyat are weak against heavy ships, complement your fleet with fireships to keep enemy heavy ships at bay.
  • No Strings Attached — As the Baghlah Hrbyia doesn't need Legalism, you can build it AS WELL AS the best heavy units of your naval tech tree so long as you have Absolutism researched.


A baghlah is a type of dhow with one or more lateen sails. It is primarily used along the coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, Sindh, India, and East Africa. A larger dhow may have a crew of approximately thirty while smaller dhows have crews typically ranging around twelve. Baghalat were used as merchant ships in the Indian Ocean and the minor seas around the Arabian Peninsula (hence their name, meaning "mule" or "ass" in Arabic). They reached eastwards up to the Bay of Bengal and the Spice Islands and southwestwards down to the East African coast. The baghlah uses two to three lateen sails and supplementary sails can be added, and houses and needs a crew of at least 18-25 sailors.