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Soldiers cannot simply be trained at home. In order to turn normal humans into heroes, they must first be concentrated and then housed together, where they may then be induced into training manoeuvres.

This is what the Barracks does, and its focus is on the production of Infantry.


In Chronicles, the Barracks is usually the primary focus of a nation's military owing to infantry being fairly cheap, affordable and crucual early on. The units at the Barracks usually are fairly cheap, but they unlike Mercenaries or Cavalry are fairly affordable and perform decently in battle.

Bronze Dawn[edit]

In contrast to Chronicles, the Barracks serves as the locus of medium-strength infantry units. Units at the Barracks are more sophisticated, and are far more capable than simple levies. Barracks units are costly, but then such is the price you pay to raise your own units. Skilled infantry, such as Bronze Swordsmen, Archers, Crossbow Infantry, Spearmen and Light Axemen are all trained from this building