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In game[edit]

Barraccks wbi.jpg
Barracks — Vital statistics
Peasant Levy

Used to train and upgrade infantry.

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed
31px Military
80 6 12 2.33s
Cost Building class Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp
Food.jpg: 20
Metal: 10;
Food.jpg: 1 Military 0 Melee
  • Can garrison up to 10 units.
  • Can be built outside of city radius.

Roundel ark.png Roundel knaan.png Roundel mitanni.png Roundel teresh.png Roundel celtic.png Roundel yin.png Roundel greek.png Roundel zhou.png Roundel elamite.png Roundel s3ba.png Roundel troy.png Roundel phrygia.png Roundel vietnam.png Roundel hatti.png Roundle qmt.png Roundel ord.png Roundel bbwel.png Roundle nub.png Roundel bharat.png Tartessos.png Roundel assur.png

Overall strategy[edit]

The Barracks is a building meant to recruit mid-tier infantry, and is available for most factions, except for the Yuzhi and Jin. Unlike Rise of Kings: Chronicles, the Barracks is used to recruit mid-tier units, and can be built only when Soldiery is researched.

Units created[edit]

  • Sword infantry
  • Spear infantry
  • Polearms infantry
  • Archers
  • Javelineer infantry

Sword infantry[edit]

Name Class

Swordsmen Light raider Dromond.png
Foot Maryannu Light raider Dromond.png

Spear infantry[edit]

Name Class
Spearmen Light spearmen
Heavy Spearmen Heavy spearmen
Maryannu Spearmen Heavy spearmen
Assyrian Spearmen Light raider Hspear1 rkc.png


Name Class
Archers Light missile Archers
Composite Bowmen Medium missile Archers C rkc.png

Javelineer and Skirmishers infantry[edit]

Name Class
Assyrian Heavy Slingers Medium skirmisher 41px

Polearms infantry[edit]

Name Class
Halberdiers Medium skirmisher 41px