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In game[edit]

Barracks — Vital statistics

Used to train and upgrade infantry.

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed
Level 1: Feudal Retinue Military
1,200 8 None None
Cost Building class Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp
Timber.jpg: 120
Timber.jpg: 25
Military production 3 None
  • Can garrison up to 10 units.
  • Can be built outside of city radius.
  • Plunder worth: 40 Food
Poland Venice England France Turks Wales.jpg Mongolia Papal States Saracens China Russians Burgundy Byzantines Holy Roman Empire Spain Hungary Moors Japan Portugal Sicily Serbians Scotland Armenia Norse

Units created[edit]

  • Sword infantry
  • Spear infantry
  • Polearms infantry
  • Archers
  • Crossbows
  • Javelineer infantry

Sword infantry[edit]

Name Class
Militia Light swordsmen Militia rkc.png
Feudal Retinue Medium swordsmen Fretinue.png
Spathatoi Medium swordsmen Skoutatoi merc.png
Vikings Light swordsmen Viking rkc.png
Axe Woj Medium raider infantry Woj.png
Cilician Frontiersmen Light raider Dromond.png
Suicide Soldiers Light swordsmen Suicide rkc.png
Swordsmen Medium swordsmen Swordfs icon.png
Palatinate Burgmänner Medium swordsmen Palatinates icon.png
Lithuanian Axe Retinue Medium swordsmen Wojlith.png
Milites Medium swordsmen Milites icon.png
Hirdmenn Medium axemen Viking2 rkc.png
Azat Yeomen Medium axemen Russmerc.png
Hasham Guards Light assault infantry Hasham.png
Jundi Guardsmen Medium swordsmen Smoors icon.png
Conscript Swordsmen Light swordsmen Songinf rkc.png
Espadachines Medium swordsmen Sword elite icon.png
Armoured Militia Medium swordsmen Armmilit icon.png
Retainer Knights Heavy foot raiders Fknight rkc.png
Doppelsöldner Light raider Landsknechte icon.png

Spear infantry[edit]

Name Class
Spearmen Heavy spearmen
Hspear1 rkc.png
Kontaratoi Heavy spearmen
Kontaratos rkc.png
Shōen Retainers Heavy spearmen
Bushielite TaP.png
Cliarthaire Heavy spearmen
Rhehel Heavy spearmen
Ratnici Heavy spearmen
Spear Sergeants Heavy spearmen
Pike ron.png
Sciltron Infantry Medium pikemen
Hspear2 rkc.png
Gridny Retainers Heavy spearmen
Gridni ico.png
Vojnici Heavy spearmen
Spear Jund Fast medium spearmen
Pikemenjund icon.png
Foot Asakir Fast medium pikemen
Hspear asakir rkc.png
Pikemen Heavy pikemen
Pikeman tap.png
Pike Tercio Heavy pikemen
Tercio pike.png
Landsknecht Pikemen Heavy pikemen
Pikeman lanzi.png

Polearms infantry[edit]

Name Class
Fauchard Infantry Light polearms Fauchard rkc.png
Halberdiers Light polearms Halberdier rkc.png
Naginata Ashigaru Light polearms Bushi tap.png
Berdishy Dvor Heavy polearms Dvor ico.png
Naginata Ashigaru Medium swordsmen Dromond.png
Billmen Heavy polearms Vlaxch.png


Name Class
Archers Light missile Archers rkc.png
Vaccari Light stealth missile Archers rkc.png
Zanji Bowmen Light stealth missile Apedemak TaP.png
Caucasus Huntsmen Medium missile Archers caucasian rkc.png
Composite Bowmen Medium missile Archers C rkc.png
Heavy Archers Medium missile Archers H rkc.png
Yeomen Archers Light missile Longbowm,en merc.png
Retinue Longbowmen Light missile Lbow elite rkc.png


Name Class
Crossbow Infantry Light crossbow Orsini merc.png
Orsini Marskmen Light stealth crossbow Pavisier icon.png
Shenbinu Infantry Light crossbow Chukonu merc.png
Arbalest Infantry Light crossbow Sync anim 000 1.5x.png
Pavise Arbalests Heavy crossbow Pavisiers icon.png
Divine Machinist Division Light crossbow Xbowmen.png
Lithuanian Crossbowmen Light crossbow Livbowmen.png

Javelineer infantry[edit]

Name Class
Hibernians Light skirmishers Almogaver.png
Ceithernn Medium skirmishers Ceithernach ico.png


Ingame appearance.[edit]


Late Barracks appearance.[edit]

Mid- to late-game[edit]


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