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Introduction and history of this mod

A spinoff of Rise of Kings: Chronicles, Bronze Dawn is a mod for the award-winning historical real-time strategy computer game Rise of Nations: Thrones and Patriots. No ETA thus far is scheduled for this project - but resources are being marshalled and developed. We expect this mod to begin production, once Age of Empires has been dealt with.

Unlike Rise of Kings which covers most of Eurasia from 888 to 1530CE, Bronze Dawn is projected to be more limited in its geohistorical focus: the Warring States Period and the Han-Chu Civil War that brought down the Qin dynasty in China. Players will be introduced NOT to a single Chinese nation, but one which is still in the very early stages of formation.

Learn more about this period of Chinese and Asian history by viewing the Timeline.

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There are currently 24 factions in the game; each one based on a historical mediaeval civilisation. Players of the CtW however may also meet sub-factions and barbarians, which may be based on one or more civilisations, and even field their own special units and styles of play.


To view a faction, click the shield or banner associated with that faction. You may hover your mouse pointer over a shield in order to find out to whom that banner or region belongs to. You may also click the compass in the lower-right corner to see the PNG render.
To view what factions replace which vanilla factions from Rise of Nations, consult this page.

Buildings and Structures

Longship rkc.png Haubitz.png Ji bdzg.png Palatinates icon.png

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Citywatch.png Stable.png Stronghold Nobles' Court

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Atlas and CtWs

Technologies and Research

(this content is still pending as of March 2017)



Compass Intelligence Fiscal Policy (Administration Level 3) Defensive Colonialism


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  • Trunk Technologies / Ages Trunk technologies
  • Military Military
  • Culture Culture
  • Administration Administration
  • Commerce Commerce

Soldiery (Military Level 4) The Nine Schools Scholar-Nobles Heaven and Earth (Culture Level 6)

  • Resource gathering:
Pedagogics | Woodworking | Agronomics | Taxation | Metallurgy
  • Recruitment and restoration:
Construction | Healthcare | Logistics
  • Buffs and perks:
Fortification | Attrition | Religion | Politics | Strategy


  • A shorter and more lightweight version of Rise of Kings, using the same tech tree structure, but now concentrating on the Warring States and Qin periods in China.
  • Chariot warfare: with the Late Bronze Age comes an age of chariot warfare: use powerful chariots to punish infantry armies, but watch out for cavalry.
  • A different mercenary recruitment structure: certain mercenary pools are available only with certain governments for a number of factions.
  • The powerful Nobles' Court can research special technologies and train elite warriors.
  • Three different sets of regional units: Chinese, Nanman and Barbarian.

Screenshots of the mod