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Warriors => Macemen, Swordsmen, Axemen

Naval units[edit]

  • Triakonter
  • Longship???
  • Roundship????
  • Xorixeuleom
  • Pontamor
  • Pontos
  • Currtaho
  • Currmar
  • Kebenit


  • Bireme
  • Pentekonter

Ships are still fairly strong, but the only way you can bring down sieges is by using the ships to absorb archer fire, leaving the transport barges to close in and unload.


  • Peasant Levy

(some Celtic and German and Celtiberians)

  • Axe infantry
  • Greataxe infantry
  • Macemen (Assyria and India only)
  • Dagger-Axe Infantry (Shang)


(some unique units) Polearms are used by many factions, most notably the Egyptians and the Chinese, and factions influenced by them. Egyptians focus on creating powerful polearms infantry, while the Chinese instead prefer quantity over quality.


  • Spearmen
  • Heavy Spearmen
  • Guard Spearmen
  • Germanic pikemen
  • Light pikemen
  • Heavy pikemen
  • Guard Pikemen

Pikemen are mostly used by Elam, Hellas, Germans, and Egypt.


  • Slingers
  • Skirmisher levy


  • Huntsmen (levy)
  • Archers
  • Composite Bowmen
  • Heavy Archers
  • Crossbow (Chinese unique)

Caucasus Huntsmen are now a recruitable mercenary unit.


  • Swordsmen
  • Guardsmen, Royal Swordsmen, etc
  • Sword Dancers (elite Zhou unit)


With two exceptions, cavalry is fairly weak. Horsemen are known to most factions, but they are not properly armed, carrying only swords and axes and nothing more. However, over time the rate of return for chariot units goes down, even as horsemen become cheaper and faster.


The Chariot has a higher rate of fire compared to normal horse units, but is substantially costlier.

  • Light chariots, meant for skirmishing being:
    • Light chariots, used primarily by primitive and European factions.
    • Chariot archers, used mostly by Asian factions.
  • Heavy chariots, essentially shock cav, armoured and armed with bows.


  • Horseman - simple light cav
  • Horse skirmisher
  • Horse archers
  • Camel warriors
  • Cammel raiders
  • Camel skirmishers

By and large, the Arabs and Scythians are the most powerful cavalry factions but can be easily put down if you go forward and seize their cities one by one.