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Level 1[edit]

All factions may build

  • Cemetery for Nobles - Statue of Liberty (Lvl 1 Knowledge)
  • Ducal Hall - Taj (increase cost, Imperial Era)
  • Observatory - reveals map (increase cost, Level 3 Religion)
  • Craftsman's Quarters - Colossus

However, Level 1 Wonders have the one distinction being that they require different technologies to be built.

Level 2[edit]

Chinese only.

  • Royal Tumulus - Teracotta Warriors
  • Royal Hall - Pyramids
  • Gardens - just a few extra wonder points. Nothing to shout about (eiffel tower)
  • Temple of the Gods - Tikal
  • State Archives - H Gardens
  • Temple of the Dead - Colosseum
  • Summer Palace - Supercollider (reduce bonus)
  • Winter Palace - Kremlin

Ancient Chnese style should be used. We already have the Gardens on hand.

Royal Tumulus + Temple of the Dead should be able to combine, to form a single building.

Level 3[edit]

Great states only (viz Qi, Chu, Han Zhao, Liang, Yue, Qin and Yan) These are built at speed and so must require Centralisation AND....

Is it possible to use whatever Hong Quan Cand stole from A Wrong Turn to buold these? maybe it seems so.

Design notes[edit]

  • Ducal hall: nucleus of the Chu palace, but with Zhou roof tiling and one tier gone.
  • Craftman's Quarters: a L-shaped district, where all the Craftsmen live.
    • Is filled with timber structures with a central stone building for barbarian,
    • Contains a straw-based enclosure with lean-to huts for Chinese.
  • Royal Hall:
    • This building reuses the nucleus of the Zhou palace, but has one tier missing, and uses a timber platform.
  • Summer Palace:
    • Clearly, it's a central pavilion in an enclosure, with a beautiful garden.
  • Winter Palace: A single hall with several smaller ones around, situated on a parapet.
  • Temple of the Dead: a long hall on a parapet, facing west. No windows, only solid doors.
  • Nobles Cemetery: A long senate-shaped base consisting of stone mounds with tablets.
  • Royal Cemetery: Several small zigurrats within a large enclosure.
  • Citadel: A rammed earth structure with a H-shaped profile.