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CtW Guide

The Byzantine campaign overall has an even greater challenge than the Early Campaign, and could well be the toughest so far. Not only are your resources near to depletion, you also are surrounded by enemies: the Serbians menace Greece; Crete is now Venetian and the Turks are ensconced in Cappadocia. Your only territories are Bosporus (your capital) and Trebizond in the Pontic region, and tribute is tight. Although you do have an alliance with the Turks, it will do you little good, as the Turks will eventually break their alliance with you once they have conquered sufficient territory. Should the Turks seize both Kordestan and Crete, they will most certainly feel emboldened enough to declare war on you.

Boxed up where you are, the first enemy you should destroy are the Bulgars. Because of the collapse of their kingdom, Thrace is now in a political mess and you should send your armies to attack them right away. Once the Bulgars are back under your control, you should have 2 armies, and may need to consider attacking Krim across the Black Sea — the Genoese based in Caffa in may allow you a chance at destroying the Mongols and seizing Krim, giving you a third army which can then be used to overrun more of the Mongols in the region or otherwise consolidate your power in Europe.

Although your capital on the Bosporus is somewhat impregnable, it isn't invincible. Your best bet is to try to engage in diplomacy to keep enemies from attacking you. The largest problem you may face at present are the Serbs and the Hungarians who rule small empires in the region; another issue would be the continued existence of the Turks. Alternatively, it might be better to destroy the Turks early on and to gain control of all of Anatolia, even if it means sacrificing any chance of a breakout into the Black Sea via Thrace. Try to seek out any wars that your Catalan allies may have so that you can benefit from the use of their forces in the region, if you choose to use military force against your neighbours.

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CtW objectives

Initial start

Sphere of influence

None, defensive.


Conquering all territories to form back the ancient Roman Empire as Byzantium creates a little message stating that the Roman Empire has been restored. This also changes the name of the Byzantines to Romans.

A list of all the territories to conquer to restore Rome can be found here. To obtain this achievement, you need to capture a whopping 61 territories out of the 200-odd which comprise the Old World in Rise of Kings.

Strategic Overview
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