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Category:Bronze Dawn factions

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Name Tribe mask code BHG original Build style Unit style
Saka 100000000000000000000000 Persians T Northern
Bach Viet 010000000000000000000000 Dutch A Southern
Yue 001000000000000000000000 Indians A + S Chinese
Lu 000100000000000000000000 Americans M + S Chinese
Xianyun 000010000000000000000000 Lakota I Northern
Ba 000001000000000000000000 Iroquois T Northern
Song 000000100000000000000000 Mongols M + S Chinese
Dian 000000010000000000000000 Koreans A Southern
Van Lang 000000001000000000000000 Japanese A Southern
Wei 000000000100000000000000 Chinese M + S Chinese
Zhongshan 000000000010000000000000 Russians A + K Chinese
Jin 000000000001000000000000 Germans A Southern
Han 000000000000100000000000 British T + U Chinese
Yan 000000000000010000000000 French M Chinese
Shu 000000000000001000000000 Spanish A + K Northern
Chu 000000000000000100000000 Turks A + K Chinese
Zhou 000000000000000010000000 Egyptians M + S Chinese
Zhao 000000000000000001000000 Romans T + U Chinese
Qi 000000000000000000100000 Greeks M + S Chinese
Kushans 000000000000000000010000 Nubians T Northern
Qin 000000000000000000001000 Bantu T + U Chinese
Nanman 000000000000000000000100 Inca A Southern
Choson 000000000000000000000010 Maya M Chinese
Xirong 000000000000000000000001 Aztecs



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