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  • No stirrups = no heavy lance cavalry. Except maybe for the Sarmatians.



  • Civlians, Slaves, Peasant Levy


  • Explorers

House / Commune, not for Barbarians: Spear Levy,

  • Tribal Spearmen - stronger than spearmen, but have a ramp cost of Wealth -Chu
  • Tribal Crossbowmen - stronger than Crossbow Infantry, but have a ramp cost of Wealth - Chu

Town Watch:

  • Bow Levy, Skirmisher Levy,
  • Pike Levy, Crossbow Levy
  • Bowmen - Barbarian units armed with bows - found everywhere
  • Ge infantry (dagger axe) => Ji Infantry. 


  • Bronze Swordsmen => Iron Swordsmen - iron swordsmen are cheaper to produce. We are using our own materials made with Blender for this mod.
  • Spearmen, consumed by Ji Infantry. Can use Hong's Yayoi spearmen, aka <ASHIGARU> from Age of Empires.
  • Light Axes. Hong has prepared <BUSHI>.
  • Dian Axemen - stronger than Light Axes, but have a ramp cost of Wealth
  • Dian Swordsmen - armed with bronze blades, more effective that common Bronze Swordsmen, but costlier.
  • Crossbow Infantry - Qin, Han only

We will need to scavenge Hong's Japanese units from Age of Empires to form up Swordsmen, Spearmen and possibly Archers or Crossbow Infantry.


  • Horse Archers - Qin, Zhao only
  • Horsemen => Light Cavalry (Qin, Zhao, Yan, Goguryeo)
  • Lancers (Qin, Zhao)
  • N'lo-Khipeng (crossbow cav) - Qin


  • Chariots => Heavy Chariots - Song, Chu, Wei
  • Guard Cavalry - Zhao, Qin
  • Heavy Axes - Qi, Yan
  • Heavy Swordsmen - Yan, Han, Qi, Goguryeo
  • Heavy Ji Infantry - Chu, Qin, Wei, Han, Zhao, Qi, Yan, Zhou only

Pavillion / Outpost?

  • Mercenaries: barbarian slingers, barbarian javelineers, etc etc etc. Look at Warbirth for more information.
  • Cataphracts (Kushan, Saka).


  • Ships:
    • Wing Barque: Ek Chun
    • Tower Ship: Lau Chun
    • Swooper: Mung Chung
    • War Boats,
    • Fire Raft

An asset, dromon_as was discovered lurking in vanilla files. We could potentially repurpose this as a civilian unit.


  • Mantlet, Battering Ram,
  • Trebuchet (T'ou-Sek)


  • General, spy
  • pellet crossbow (Tanwan-N'lo)
  • (mercenaries)


  • Qin: Crossbow Cavalry (N'lo-Beh'tui), Pi Spearmen (Pi-P'openg)
  • Chu, Yue: Sword Leapers (Khiam-Bu)
  • Chu, Yue, Bach Viet: Suicide Soldiers (weaker than swordsmen, but comes in earlier) (Kamsi-Tui)
  • Chu:
    • Crossbow Levy - Chu can't train Crossbow infantry but can get Crossbow Levy early on. (N'lo-Pinpeng)
    • Tiongn'lo-Sekpeng
  • Dian: Dian Axemen, Dian Swordsmen (Dian Pu-S'ipeng, Dian Khiam-S'ipeng)
  • Ba, Dian, Chu, Bach Viet, Nanman, Van Lang: War elephants (mercenary) (Nam-Ch'hiu)
  • Han: Han Heavy Archers. (Tiong Siach'hiu-Tui)
  • Zhongshan: Thiam-Thui


Not all factions train the same units. For instance, Chu and Yue tend to train a mix of Chinese and Southern units, while Goryeo does not create Ge or Ji units.

Chinese armies

Chinese armies are primarily users of infantry. While their units don't have the stopping power of barbarian units from the south, they can be easily upgraded many times over, so that by the late game Chinese armies usually tend to have a mix of powerful infantry units, war machines and cavalry. The only issue is that when it comes to cavalry, many Chinese factions tend to be lacking in anything heavier than scythe chariots, and any mounted units the Chinese recruit are expensive.


  • Civlians, Slaves,

Peasant Commune


  • Explorers

City Watch


  • Bronze Swordsmen => Iron Swordsmen ( (Chhi-tong) Kiam-P'openg), (Thih'kiam-P'openg)
  • Spearmen => Heavy Spearmen (Tiongkhan-P'openg) => Ji Infantry
  • Light Axes
  • Crossbow Infantry (N'lo-P'openg)
  • Magazine Crossbow (available only for Mohists) (Leng'lo-P'openg)


With the exception of Horsemen, all Chinese units include Influence as their ramp cost.

Nobles' Court


For most of these factions only War Boats and Tower Barques are available.

Southern armies

Southern factions do NOT get the Town Watch Guild.


  • Peons, Slaves

Peasant Commune


  • Explorer, Skirmisher Levy

House/Peasant Commune

  • Bow Levy,
  • Tribal Spearmen (Giáo Thương Bộ Lạc)
  • Tribal Crossbow (Xạ Thu)

Tribal units use Wealth for their ramp.


  • Spearmen => Heavy Spearmen, consumed by Ji Infantry
  • Light Axes


  • Horsemen, Horse Raiders

Nobles' Court (only for some)

  • Heavy Axemen
  • Guardsmen


Not all southern factions share the same units or even the same appearance. For instance, Ba has a barbarian appearance for its units, yet does not recruit cavalry, other than what is available to the Chinese, and can't build ships unlike Chu, Yue or Bach Viet.

  • War Barge and Barque are the usual units recruitable to Nanman, Van Lang and Dian.

Barbarian armies

Barbarians, owing to their nomadic lifestyle, do NOT get the Peasant Commune. The most archetypical Barbarian factions are Xianyun and Xirong.


  • Peons, Slaves,

City Watch

  • Spear Levy, Skirmisher Levy


  • Armed caravan, armed trader


  • Explorers, Skirmisher Levy



With the exception of Javelin Cavalry and Horsemen all units below require Warrior Society.


  • War Canoes
  • War Barge


  • Saka:Sahiya Hadabara
  • Kushans: Taxawaran Ragon - cavalry archers, with +2 range, +4 attack, raised from the Nobles' court and replaces the Baxjintai.
  • Xianyun: Möjek - a faster training and more mobile version of Baxjintai. Can fire while moving.


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