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It is said that the CtW element is the beating heart of Rise of Nations as well as its sister-game, Rise of Legends. While it is difficult and clearly hasn't been implemented, it has not stopped us from drawing down notes to prepare for them ..... should support be judged sufficient, that is.

Diplomatic relations[edit]

In this game the following terms are used:

  • Allies Allied.jpg — The factions are allied with one another, and their armies help one another except against other factions with whom they are allied.
  • If you are able to conquer an enemy faction, you then have the choice to impose the following:
    • Vassal state Vassals]  — the vassals are occupied by the conqueror, who becomes their suzerain Suzerain.jpg and uses their armies but has no access to their rare resources. Vassal states abandon you if you end your turn with no tribute in the stockpile.
    • Annexation — Annexed factions are permanently destroyed, their territories incorporated into the fiefdom of the conqueror.


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