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(theme music: What are we to do with the following? Six unit groups: Akkadian, Indian, Egyptian, Greek, Asian and Phrygian



  • Elamites - Resolve
  • Babylon - Concord
  • Assur - Enterprise; blocked from researching Confederation
  • Mitanni - Dominion


  • British - Lydia

The staple of the game, the Neo-Akkadian civilisations are just that. Their favourite units are perenially heavy infantry, backed up by all manner of chariots and composite bowmen.



  • Egyptians - The Nile; start with Legalism AND Monarchy
  • Nubians - Trade


Egypt and Nubia eschew the need for heavily armoured troops preferring to use strength of numbers to crush their foes, with one exception: Nubia like the Arabs relies heavily on camels, and the Egyptians have poleax infantry in both light and heavy configurations, making a fight with them something you'd rather not do with other infantrymen.

South European/Levantine[edit]


  • Hittites - Ambition - start with Absolutism
  • Hebrews - Ceremony; blocked from researching Aristocracy


  • Iberians - The highlands, start with Republic AND Confederation
  • Rasenna - Architecture
  • Argives - Honour



While Lydia and Hatti use heavy-hitting land forces like others, the other Levantine factions are all naval-based factions owing to their proximity to the sea, favouring the use of sleek longships and small raiding craft to harass the foe, and their biremes which are the most modern of warships by far. The Phoenicians and Etruscans go one step further by furnishing Triremes.

Heavy infantry and skirmishers are the mainstay of the Levantine factions, but the Etruscans and Iberians pride themselves on the use of swords, while the Greeks rely on massed heavy infantry and hoplites to seize the day.

North European[edit]


  • Germans - The Forest. blocked from researching Monarchy
  • Celts - Tradition. Blocked from researching Absolutism



  • Zhou - Defiance; blocked from researching Republic (Defiance)
  • Bach Viet/Yue - Prestige



  • Indians - Nobility



  • Arabs - Desert (Russians) - blocked from researching Legalism

Unit appearances[edit]

  • Minoan (used by Greeks, Tartessos and Italians)
  • Asian (duh)
  • Afro-Arab (Nubians, Arabs)
  • Middle Eastern (Akkadian, mostly)
  • Egyptian (used by Egyptians, Hebrews and Phoenicians)
  • Indo-Aryan (used by Germans, Phyrigians, Thracians, and Celts too)

Not everyone in the Bronze Age is well off. Many still continue living a Stone Age existence, so slaves clad in raggedy rawhide are commonplace everywhere.

Build styles[edit]

  • Akkadian: Desert + Akkadian
  • Egyptian: Desert + Egyptian
  • Semitic: Desert + Arab?
  • Chinese/Asian: Plaster+ Asian?
  • Aegean: Plaster + Aegean
  • European: Plaster? + Native American?
  • Indian: Plaster? + Native American?