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In the Bronze Age there is no one single leader who controls nations - just tribes jockeying for power within their nations. With that in mind, there are several sub-ethnic groups that can be mentioned:


Mercenaries unlike Rise of Kings are not knockoffs of other factions' units: instead they are an additional low-grade unit that can be amassed quickly with sufficient money on hand. If you have cash it is better to recruit the mercenaries rather than your own which require two resources and more time, instead of just one.

  • Scythians: Scythians are mostly horse-riding warriors. Ultimately the best ones, but they carry far less armour than mainstream Iranian units.
  • Cimmerians: Mostly axemen, javelineers, and horsemen, along with a noble light chariot?
  • Hurrians: Hurrians are known for their cavalry and their spearmen, who are all lightly armoured. Hurrian scouts, while nothing special, are markedly faster to build like most mercenaries.
  • Kassites: KAssite units are mostly low-grade, being slingers and axemen, being trained faster than normal axemen or skirmishers.
  • Guti: Guti are mostly skirmishers and bowmen, and have the ability of running faster than other factions' archers and javelineers.
  • Indians/Kseptrayah: essentially spearmen, clubmen and bowmen recruited from non-Aryan tribes in India. No ramp cost, but no LOS either.
  • Semitic: Hyksos, I suppose.
  • Arab: Camel cavalry and archers, with foot skirmishers and clubmen.
  • African: Mostly archers, slingers, spearmen and skirmishers.
  • Greek: Will consist mostly of Greek spearman-type units
  • Balkan: They host horsemen, along with skirmishers, axemen and clubmen
  • Italic: See the Sea Peoples.
  • Anatolians: They sacrifice armour for attack.
  • Celts: Consist mostly of naked skirmishers and spearmen.
  • Libyan: They appear to be spearmen, swordsmen and javelineers.
  • Asian
    • (Beidi???): described as being clothed in skins and feathers. Trained by Zhou and Koreans
    • (Xirong???): clad in skins and unbound hair. Trained by Zhou and Shang.
    • (Man???): Generally associated with the Miao. Possibly the archetypical forest-dwelling barbarians of HKTV shows.