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“He has not thanked God who has not thanked people.”

- Sunan Abī Dāwūd (4811)

Credits and acknowledgements for Rise of Kings go to:

Project team members

Our fans

Chief developer: VelvetClaw (Beelim Solutions Bhd)

llhhll, nhinhohinho, NickoX, Merytaten-Tasherit, JeluArg, derdy, WartotalXD, Col_Molotov, Wakain, Y Afiq, Mitrelis A, History_Soldier, Dickman S, GH & MW "Meeps" Brough-Smythe,
....and many, many others....
Super7700, Jones Z, T Aaliya, Wadis10, LT_Muenchen

Screenshot 2016-07-25 13.47.35.png

Their contributions, support and advice in helping bring together a concept over five years ago to reality have all proven to be invaluable, to which we owe you all a debt that we can never fully repay.