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Iberia is a mix of wooded and hilly forests alongside harsh arid plains. In recent times, however, the Muslims of the south have managed to carve an efficient system of irrigation into their demesnes, turning the arid southern mountains into veritable earthly paradises — a prize deemed worthy of a Crusade by the Christian holdouts to the north. Positioned at the so-called "end of the world", Iberia grants access not just to the arid African continent, the rich Italian states and the Frankish lands of the north, but also even to Ireland itself.


Unification bonus: 50Total wealth: 100; ave territorial wealth: 6

Political summary

Because it is located at the very western edge of the map and is also relatively isolated, Iberia is a potentially strategic location worthy of exploration, and a quick and dirty way of earning some lucre. However, insofar as manpower and strategic resources, it is somewhat lacking in a great deal of these, so the many factions that will be based here — the Asturian Spanish and Moors of the Early CtW, joined by the Portuguese and Catalans of the Late CtW — will find it substantially harder to effect European politics.

The Catalonian faction in Renovatio Europam can be quite powerful, because it will be controlling both supply centres, meaning that it will have as many as 3 armies in the field, while Castille and Portugal will just have one each.

Resource count Rare.png

Citrus Cattle Horses Fish Wine Supply: Navarre; Denia x 2


A land of mountain and seashore, the Catalans are a fiercely independent people who will not give in to any invader of the land, whether Christian or Muslim, and will be difficult to cow, especially given the vast resources at their fingertips.

  • Tribute: 15
  • Bonus card: Treachery
Note:— This is the capital of the Catalan faction in Renovatio Europam.


This nation of broken terrain is amongst some of the poorest in all of Christendom, but its people have taken to the sea are known as some of the most expert fishermen and sailors of all Christendom. Cantabria is also useful for those seeking to reach France by sea, as it is fairly close enough to Vreizh, and the mouth of the Loire.

  • Strategic resource: Fish
  • Bonus card: Logistical support


One of the many ancient Visigothic kingdoms to survive the Islamic invasions of the 8th century, Asturias now sees itself as the champion of Christianity in Iberia against the dark forces of Islam.


This windswept and almost forgotten land tucked away in the northwestern corner of Iberia is often believed by some Christians to be the land where James the apostle of Jesus Christ lies buried. Whatever the truth, it has not just become a site for pilgrimage, but an important waypoint, as its harbours can be used to reach Ireland in the far north at Mhumhan agus Laighin.

  • Bonus card: Missionaries


Despite its seemingly poor terrain, Navarre is actually a kingdom by its own right, capable of supporting a large number of people within its rulers' demesnes.

  • Tribute: 20
  • Supply centre available


Along with Asturias, Leon forms the other half of Christian Spain.

  • Strategic resource: Cattle
  • Bonus card: Mercenaries


To the extreme west lies Douro, the capital of the newly established County of Portugal centred around the city of Guimarães. The counts of Portugal have great ambitions, but it is not guaranteed that their designs may see the light of day.

  • Strategic resource: Wine
  • Bonus card: Spy School


Formerly loyal subjects of the Umayyads, the lords of this land now wage war against one another, intent on taking the title of Emir of all Spain for themselves.

  • Bonus card: Warpath
  • Supply centre available


Malaga's strategic position on the southeastern coast of Spain makes her valuable as a waypoint for traders and corsairs alike. Controlling her ports means control over a great swathe of maritime territory from the Pillars of Hercules to the Italian Tyrrhenian coast.

  • Tribute: 15
  • Bonus card: Letter of Marque


Although devastated by warfare between Christian and Muslim, this land has good potential if a ruler is strong enough to re-establish law and order within its borders.

  • Tribute: 10


Despite its barren heartland, Toledo continues to be a bone of contention between Christian and Muslim alike, in no small reason due to the fact that it is the border between both factions and religions, and the city of Toledo, despite its barren surroundings, is also one of the most significant cities in Spain.

  • Bonus card: Boom — Metal


This land of plenty is the beating heart of Islamic Spain, and is one of the richest provinces of all Europe.

  • Strategic resource: Citrus
  • Bonus card: Eureka — Science
  • Tribute: 40


The main stronghold of the Muslim Moors, Granada however may well be seeing the best of its days coming to an end. The political instability of the Moorish caliphate is increasing day by day, with the Emir finding it harder to marshall his people under his banner.

  • Strategic resource: Horses