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Installation instructions

Note — for users of the Workshop versions of these mods, proceed from Step 4 below.

Installation instructions:

1. Download the file from either one of these download sites:

  • ModdB:
  • 4Shared
  • DropBox
  • MegaSync

(all links save for Moddb are routed through advertising)

2. Find your Steam folder, and open up the folder "Rise of Nations" (this folder should contain the "rise.exe" file)

Screenshot 2017-02-26 22.28.41.png

Screenshot 2017-02-26 22.28.50.png

3. Dump the contents of the archive file you downloaded into this folder. The contents should create or move into a new folder, "mods", while a new script will appear in your "scenario/cripts"folder.

4. Start up EE and set up a new Quick Battle game. Begin by selecting Rise of Kings from the mods dropdown list......

20170303094646 1.jpg

5. To activate the custom script, set the Game Rules to "Custom".

20170303111258 1.jpg

THEN select the script from the dropdown below:

20170303113630 1.jpg

6. Finally, for "Ages", set the Start Age to Classical:

06367 tduid1007 ritag redmicro pic031 123 176lo.jpg


  • For Chronicles, there are 2 End Ages available.
    • Selecting "Medieval Age" sets your game's End Age as High Mediaeval Era [2] High Mediaeval Era.
    • Selecting "Gunpowder Age" sets your game's End Age as Late Mediaeval Era [3] Late Mediaeval Era.
You can also set your game's Start Age to either [2] or [3] if you so wish, or set the End Age to "Classical Age" to play a game that won't progress beyond the Early Mediaeval Era [1] Early Mediaeval Era.
  • For Bronze Dawn, there is 1 Age available: selecting "Medieval Age" sets your game's End Age to the Iron Age [2] Iron Age.
  • For Swords of the Prophets, only one Age - the Dark Age (Set your End Age to "Classical Age") is allowed.

7. Put in your factions, your preferred gameplay modes and you're now ready to launch into one of the most ambitious modifications for RoNEE yet.


No content from the vanilla version would be affected, however, if you had any non-Workshop based mods for Rise of Kings, their content in "Rise of Nations/mods" may be affected.

(for a full-on graphical manual please visit either Shoutwiki, or download this pdf)