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Septarchy Campaign
Playable factions Qin Chu Han Wei Zhao Yan Qi

By far the largest of all the Warring States in the Septarchy Campaign, Chu's massive size and the number of territories it has swallowed has granted Chu immense resources to prosecute many wars, but Chu's internal corruption means that many of its units tend to be very backward. Of these, most notable are its lack of proper modern cavalry or heavy infantry, which are areas that could well cost Chu the wars she currently fights. At the same time, Chu's perceived lack of Chinese character, and her size condemns her to poor relations with other nations - for while the 3 Jins - Han, Zhao and Wei - are united in a single alliance, and Qin and Yan are allied, while Qi and Min remain aloof, if not at war with you. Relations with other nations in Nanyang - Dian, Yelang, the Baiyue and Van Lang - are far easier to obtain, and should be maintained straight away, if only to keep them from invading your capital at Jiujiang.

For Chu, two - or rather, seven -barriers remain to victory: conquest of the six kingdoms, and the acquisition of the Central Plains region. This will not be easy, especially given the tripartite alliance of Jin, whose alliance cannot simply be taken apart so easily. Chu must leverage her strengths against them where best she can, calling on the non-Chinese units of her massive mercenary army to counter whatever threats the Chinese states may throw at her - be they heavy infantry, archers, cavalry or chariots. To this end, the early adoption of Mo Zi's philosophies ought to be prioritised where possible to obtain the powerful siege weapons taht the great sage has devised and put them to the task he envisioned for them - winning the peace for China.

It will be wise for Chu to remember that only the Central Plains and the destruction of the six other hegemons of China should be prioritised, taking control of other nations beyond the Central Plains is unnecessary and possibly detrimental to Chu's profits of war. While allies such as Gojoseon or the Xianyun can be obtained to help in smashing the northern nations, you should however be wary of them, as they cannot be trusted. Use your wits and plan your battles well, for your enemies all have more powerful weapons than you.

Strategic Overview
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