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Ships are built here.

Units created[edit]

Light naval units[edit]

Name Class
War Boats Light raider Dromond.png
Light Galley Light raider Dromond.png
Rammer Ship Light raider Dromond.png
Swooper Light raider Dromond.png

Triakonter Light raider Dromond.png
Hemiolia Light raider Dromond.png

Heavy naval units[edit]

Name Class
Roundship Heavy ship. 41px
Longship Heavy galley 41px
Pentekonter Heavy ship. 41px
Bireme Heavy ship. 41px
Trireme Heavy ship. 41px
Tower Barque Heavy ship. 41px

Fireship units[edit]

Name Class
Fire Raft Light raider Dromond.png

Merchant marine[edit]

Name Class
Trade Barque 1 Gallogass1.png Gallogass3.png
Merchant Ship 1 Gallogass1.png Gallogass3.png
Kerkuros 1 Gallogass1.png Gallogass3.png

Difference in naval doctrines[edit]

For most Middle Eastern and Greek factions, the trick is all about upgrading your ships further in order to stay alive on the seas. In contrast, for the Asians and the Egyptians the trick is building the right sorts of warships since they can't be upgraded.

  • Egyptian: Galley, Roundship => Kebenit
  • Asian: Galley, Wing Barque => Swooper; Rammer Barque; Tower Barque.