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Units created

Light ships

Name Class
Dromond Light raider Dromond.png
Barque Light raider Galley rkc icon.png
War Galley Light raider Img 2595.gallety.png
Dromonas Light raider Img chelandion rkc.png
Swooper Light raider Mengchong.png
Covered Swooper Light raider Warjunk Rkc.png
Brigantine Light raider Brig TaP icon.png
Fusta Light raider Fusta rkc icon.png
Baghlah Hrbiyah Light raider Corvette tapc icon.png
Caravela Redonda Light raider Brig TaP icon.png

Heavy ships

Name Class
Longship Medium assault ship Longship rkc.png
Lanternas Heavy ship. Galley rkc.png
Tower Ship Heavy assault ship Louchuan rkc.png
Roundship Heavy ship. Roundship
War Cog Heavy assault ship. War Cog
Carrack Super-heavy assault ship. Carrack TaP.png
War Junk Heavy ship. Wcog.png
South Sea Barque Super-heavy ship. Nanhai ico.png
Nau Heavy ship. Carrack TaP.png
São Gabriel-Class Carrack Super-heavy ship. Img 25ft.png

Siege ships

Name Class
Heavy Galley Bombardment ship Galley ph ico.png
Galleass Super bombardment ship Galleass icc.png


Name Class
Fire Barque Suicide ship Fbarqeu.png
Fire Vessel Suicide ship Fbarqeu2.png
Naphta Vessel Flame ship Baphta.png

Merchant marine

Name Class
Trawler Fisherman Gallogass1.png Gallogass3.png
Merchantman Trade transport 41px
Trade Caravel Trade transport Gallogass1.png Gallogass3.png
Transport Barque Unit transport Gallogass1.png Gallogass3.png
Transport Galleon Unit transport Gallogass1.png Gallogass3.png