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  • Strengths: Excellent cultural bonuses with enhanced Food and Wealth production; highly suited towards booming and wonder rushing.
  • Weaknesses: UUs have little or no armour, poor Axial Age game.

The premier Bronze Age civilisation par excellence, the Egyptians are by far the strongest faction in the early and mid game. With additional taxation revenues from agriculture and very rich farmland, the Egyptians are highly suited towards out-booming the enemy by acquiring resources, and then buying more units or more assets to generate some more.

Thus, the secret to Egyptian success is as follows:

  1. Rush your economy.
  2. Build up your army and your economy.
  3. Rush your economy some more.
  4. ???
  5. Profit!!!1

What fills in the "???" in the above strategy? good question.

A quick look at Egypt's tech tree provides all the details you will need to know. Trawling through Egypt's tech tree, the one thing that instantly leaps out is her list of mercenaries and her unique units. The Egypt of Warbirth is the Egypt of the Eighteenth Dynasty, meaning that she is a unified nation and armed with new weapon systems obtained from the Hyksos, being the battle-axe and the chariot.

The most Egyptian of units, the Egyptian Chariot is a lightweight wonder that combines the hitting power of the medium chariot with the mobility of the light chariot, meaning that you can rush the enemy early on with a powerful unit that can be used to outrun other chariots early on. Accompany these with lots and lots of cheap light infantry, and you now have a faction that is highly ideal for use on offensive manoeuvres — open with your chariots to soften the foe, then march in your infantry.

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Strategic Overview
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