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The Elamites have the Power of Resolve.

The true heirs of the Sumerians and Akkadians, the Elamites are the sole survivors of the many famines, environmental collapses and wars that have all but levelled the other Sumerian cities over the past thousand years. Their time may yet come, however, for while their position beyond the Zagros Mountains has helped them to keep the Kassites of Babylon and the chariot-driving Mitanni at bay, Elam has remained a loose confederation of peoples centred around the cities of Anshan and Susa. The heritage of the Sumerians may yet continue to be with them, but it is unknown just how much longer Elam may remain free and standing on the shoulders of giants, given that the rumours of war and new interlopers from the east continue to grow louder with each passing week.

Faction Type: Catholic
National Bonuses:

  • Governments at the Senate are free
  • First Wonder is built instantly, provided no other nation is building it also
  • Start with 1 Science Tech already researched
  • Receive a free Scholar whenever a new University is built
  • Military ground units upgrade 25% cheaper
  • Receive +3 Food, Timber, Metal, and Wealth for every non-Scout Barracks unit while they are not garrisoned
  • Spawn a Spy from the Senate whenever a new Policy is adopted.
Roundel elamite.png

Unique Units:

  • Light chariots


  • Elamite Archers, Elamite Composite Bowmen, Gutian Tribal Skirmishers, Gutian Tribal Bowmen, Gutian Clubmen (shared with Elam)


  • Aachen Palace Complex (wonder)
  • Abbey (wonder)
  • Grand Cathedral (wonder)
Settlements: Leaders:
  • Anshan
  • Susa
  • Awan
  • Warakshe
  • Sialk
  • Malgium
  • Nippur
  • Lagash
  • Eshunna
  • Simash
  • Dur-Untash

  • Dur-Ladini
  • Lahiru
  • Bit-Imbi
  • Ahillimmu
  • Pillatu
  • Livan
  • Lila-Ir-Tash
  • Temti-Agun
  • Tan-Uli
  • Temti-Khalki
  • Kuk-Nashur
  • Kutir-Shilkhakha
  • Temti-Raptash
  • Kuduzulush
  • Tata
  • Atta-Merra-Khalki
  • Pala-Ishshan
  • Kuk-Kirwash
  • Kuk-Nahhunte
  • Kutir-Nahhunte
  • Ige-Halki
  • Pakhir-Ishshan
  • Attar-Kittakh
  • Khuman-Numena
  • Untash-Naprisha
  • Unpatar-Naprisha
  • Kiddin-Khutran