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Forts are super-strong defensive structures, and are also used to train a variety of units. Generals, spies, and elite cavalry units - most notably light Chariots and high-level elite infantry - are all raised from the Fort. In addition, they have a Border push effect, increasing the size of your territory.

Forts are available once Level 3 Military (Military Tradition) is researched, and with further fortification upgrades, you can improve their ability to increase your borders and their defensive capabilities, making them very impressive indeed.

Note, however, that despite being strong, Forts are vulnerable to siege weapons, slingers and swordsmen. Slingers, while weak and easily outshot, can be deadly if amassed together. Sword and axe units, with their ability to damage buildings more, are also of a problem as are Battering Rams. If you are facing the Assyrian faction, then be prepared, for they are capable of raising Armoured Rams, which can make short work of your buildings.


Citadel.pngA Citadel is a more powerful version of the Fort, and is in effect a separate building. Unlike Forts, Citadels however are highly defensive and must be built in the vicinity of large cities. Only one Citadel may be built per settlement in this way.

Units trained[edit]

  • General
  • Spy


Fortification Fortification[edit]

Without Fortification upgrades, Castles will well fall foul of enemy siege units. Fortification upgrades enhance a fort's tactical capabilities as well as its effects on your borders.


"Make a ramp and let it be set in its place!"

—Hattusili I, Hittite king
  • Basic tech level

Resource cost:

  • 150M, 150G


  • Heroic Age
  • Level 3: Military Tradition
  • Crennelation

Grooves cut into walls allow for oversight and retaliatory fire by archers on the ramparts, whilst keeping them safe from enemy missiles fired in anger.

  • Prereqs:
    • Earthworks
    • Level 4: Soldiery
    • Crafts Specialisation

  • 300Ore.png; 300Wealth.jpg

Defensive Architecture
Defensive Architecture

"How happy are those whose walls already rise!"

  • Allows access to Citadel
  • Advanced tech level and units

Strategy Strategy[edit]

Strategy upgrades enhance the reliability of spies, and are also required for the creation of generals.


Non-Commissioned Officers

"Some one, it may be, old or young, can offer us better counsel which I shall rejoice to hear."

—The Iliad
  • Prereqs: Level 3: Military Tradition Military
  • Unlocks Barracks
  • -50% production time for Chieftains and Spies
  • Increased LOS, Range, Speed, Hitpoints for Chieftains and Spies.
  • Chieftain armor bonus increased to level 1.
  • 80Wealth; 80Food
  • Time to complete: Fast

Chargés d'Affaires Strategy


Chargés d'Affaires

"Humble words and increased preparations are signs that the enemy is about to advance. Violent language and driving forward as if to the attack are signs that he will retreat."

—Sun Zi, Chinese military strategist
  • Prereqs:
    • Non-Commissioned Officers Strategy
    • Level 4: Soldiery Military
  • Unlocks Warriors'Hall
  • +50% Craft recover for Chieftains and Spies.
  • Increased LOS, Range, Speed, Hitpoints for Chieftains and Spies.
  • Chieftain armor bonus increased to level 1.
  • 150Wealth; 150Food
  • Time to complete: Rather fast


"I discovered the forest; its length is ten thousand leagues in every direction."Epic of Gilgamesh

  • Prereqs:
    • Chargés d'Affaires Strategy
    • Defensive Architecture Fortification
  • Advanced tech level and units
  • -50% Chieftain and Spy resource cost.
  • Increased LOS, Range, Speed, Hitpoints for Chieftains and Spies.
  • Chieftain armor bonus increased to level 3.
  • 300Wealth; 300Food
  • Time to complete: Rather fast
  • Chargés d'Affaires
  • Defensive Architecture

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