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  • Strengths: Strong cavalry tradition, improved research and strategic flexibility via free government
  • Weaknesses: Heavy reliance on infantry to provide economic resources reduces French resilience: if an army is annihilated, it will be difficult for France to bounce back.

The French kingdom is suited at medium- to long-term warfare and booming. While they are not really a rush civ per se given that their unique units (being mostly heavy cavalry) are all given towards having more hitpoints and speed, the economic and technological bonuses at France's fingertips make it more suited to a wait-and-see game. The abilities to build your first wonder — of which, you can choose three — and research your first government instantaneously can be used to France's advantage in picking your new strategy as quickly as possible.

France's army is typified by several areas: it receives the slower but tougher Carrack; its heavy cavalry have speed bonuses in production, upgrade and movement, eventually acquiring added attack as well. Yet, the real power of its army however lies with its foot army: non-barracks units can create resources of their own so long as they're not lurking in taverns or barracks quarters. This means that France is a good faction to use in diplomacy games, where you can keep your infantry in reserve while you leach off resources to feed your allies in the fight — Venice's ability to convert small gains into large ones should be taken notice of. So while other players have economic bonuses 'built in' that allow them to rebuild and replenish faster, the French have to wisely pick their battles in order not to damage their economy.

Thus France is a rather powerful faction in Rise of Kings. Although it doesn't have the best infantry, it still has many powerful bonuses that it can rely on to win all manner of games. The ability to build more Wonders than any other European nation, coupled with its mid- to late-game military strengths make it a viable faction to use due to it granting you all manner of strategic options.

Faction summary[edit | edit source]

  • Ageing Process — France relies on a strong and highly advanced army. You must place an emphasis on getting to successive ages as fast as possible to maintain technological superiority of your infantry.
  • Chaaarge!!! — Given their speed, French cavalry are well suited for taking out archers. Use them as a flanking force against other cavalry units, and charge enemy archers and siege weapons head-on.
  • Racehorse — Faster upgrade times for French cavalry means that in many cases, heavy cavalry, ranging from Scara Cavalry all the way to the Gendarmerie will be an integral part of French military might.
  • Sitzkrieg — While it is true that French barracks units do have an edge, in particularly its Halberdiers and Billmen, they shouldn't be used in active service, as they are better off left to generate resources. The French infantry is better off either as a reserve or in defence. Almost any faction can be improved further with this, but the best allies are the Papal States, with their costly unit lines.
  • Pick Your Poison — choose your battles carefully, and avoid them if possible. The French do not use reckless charges like the Chinese or Scots, nor do they turtle recklessly (like the Papal States, Japan or Byzantium). They always seek to pick the right opportunity and then exploit.

Best Ages[edit | edit source]


Strategic Overview
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