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  • Strong infantry component, highly ideal for aggressive play using frequent raiding against slower opponents.
  • Weaknesses: Heavily dependent on infantry, technologically backward and no good cavalry.

Like most European factions, the Germans tend to use mostly infantry, with a smattering of cavalry here and there, thus being somewhat technologically inferior compared to other Bronze Age cultures of Warbirth.

The main strength of the Germans lies in their UUS - the Nakwadaz, the Speutegardaz and the Skaduganganz. Nakwadaz may wear far less armour than would be ideal by Middle Eastern standards, yet they are terrifying units and trained fairly quickly, so they are useful for fending off the chariot spam that you are bound to face from other factions in the mid-game. Being unarmoured, though, they are still useful units, being armed with javelins and capable of traversing ground faster than conventional spear units, thus they are ideal when used to counter cavalry, but still cannot hold their ground against heavier spearmen. You are best advised to concentrate heavily on light infantry and swordsmen, and keep the Nakwadaz as a reserve, perhaps supported by the other German units.

Of equal concern should be the Speutegardaz and the Skaduganganz — the Speutegardaz being the melee version of the Nakwadaz, while the Skaduganganz are stealth skirmishers. Speutegardaz are so-called "long spear" units and while they are poorly clad, they are still better in that they can be summoned for cheaper and do not need a great deal of teching up just to be used. In contrast Skaduganganz are skirmishers, but have one benefit over others — they are cloaked and can move unseen wherever they go. You can use these units to much great effect if you are able to use them to sneak around opponents, either to flank archers and other light units, or to raid enemy settlements. Five Skaduganganz can be banded together, and used to launch nuisance raids on your enemies, either to divert their attention and disrupt their gameplay, or as the prelude to a ferocious infantry assault. Coupled with the abilty to cloak units with their territory, the Germans can thus prove to be a dangerous faction, being masters of guerilla warfare par excellence with a variety of crafty units whose ability just can't be found in most other factions.

Of course, however, there is one area in which the Germans don't stand a chance, and that is in economic warfare. Battles of attrition will easily wear them down, and while their units are somewhat inferior with regards to others like the Celts and Assur, it will be very difficult for them to come back should they be facing more advanced nations with an even greater command of industry and craftwork than they do. Moreover, because they are restricted to using only infantry, they are also at a massive disadvantage when it comes to fending off factions with good cavalry, especially in the late game. The horse-based armies of the Indians, Iranians and Zhou can easily decimate German ranks out on the open, so clearly all out decisive encounters are not an ideal strategy. It is better to continuously wear down your enemy with your units, using them as mentioned before to keep up the pressure so that they won't be able to concentrate on their economy, eventually having to abandon their best units which are bound to be more technologically complicated. Strike early and often, and unexpectedly, and the German nation will prevail.

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Strategic Overview
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