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For various reasons, ancient and mediaeval societies discovered that it was necessary to build storage facilities, intended for both the storage and processing of food. Granaries thus served this purpose, being able to function as collection centres for newly harvested grain and foodstuffs (especially valuable herbs and spices), as well as a means of control over society.

In Rise of Nations, the Granary's primary task is to boost food gather rate in a city, and also hosts upgrades that enhance gather rates for Granaries and fishing boats. In the vanilla game, it also supported upgrades that allowed for boosts to healing and production rates for barracks and stable units.


For Chronicles, the Granary plays the same role of hosting both Agronomic and Healthcare research, as in the vanilla version of Rise of Nations.

Bronze Dawn[edit]

In contrast, the Granary in Bronze Dawn is slightly altered, with Healthcare being seconded out to the Assembly (and thus automatically requiring Level 1 instead of Level 2 Culture in order to be accessed), with its place replaced by Taxation.

This means that Granaries now play a vital role in any game using the Bronze Dawn mod, since it now hosts two sets of economic upgrades, thus making it a highly desirable building. What this means is that if you were to begin a new game, you should try to grab a Granary as soon as possible in order to commence Taxation and Agronomic research, providing you with streams of Food and Wealth to feed your empire, particularly if you use Zhou as your faction. On the other hand, playing as the nomadic Xianyun may pose problems, because it then locks out not only Agronomic research, but also prevents you from gathering tax income, which can in the long run cause serious problems, unless you are able to solidify your control of trade routes and resources, or raid your opponents repeatedly for Wealth.