Bronze Dawn Grand Campaign

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Wu Xu, Year X of the Reign of Kao, King of all Under Heaven:

"Ever since the sack of Hao 2 centuries ago, peace in Zhou has been mantained through an uneasy and tenuous willingness to limit bloodshed and maintain order amongst the great states of Jin, Chu, Qi and Qin. Bloody and irresistable change, however, is afoot with the fall of the Jin duchy into violent revolution.

"The alliance between Han, Zhao and Wei, now masters of Jin, is rock solid and for good reason too, for with Jin gone the Central Plains are up for grabs amongst the periphery states - especially Qi, Chu and Qin. Yet such an alliance may not be enough to maintain peace, only delay the commencement of hostilities. It will be up to you now to sharpen your weapons, carry the day for your people ... and CONQUER THE WORLD."


Major alliances: Zhou, with everyone else, except Lu (is isolated). Others:

  • Qin-Song,
  • Qi-Chu,
  • Han-Zhao-Wei

Zhou, however, is at war with Chu.


  • Yue and Chu are allied, but Chu is allied to Qi, and at war with Zhou.
  • Jin: Controls Jinhan (capital) and Mahan, war with Choson.
  • Shu and Ba are allied to one another, but no one else.
  • Dian and Shu are allied to one another.
  • Nanman, Bach Viet, Van Lang have no diplomatic stances toward anyone.


  • Kushans: Capital of Jushi. Is an ally of Qin but at war with Xianyun.
  • Xianyun: Controls Sahun. At war with all neighbours
  • Qiang: Controls Rma (capital)