Greataxe Infantry

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When the hatchet and battle-axe were conferred, he could proceed to inflict death.

— The Liji

Greataxe Infantry — Vital statistics
Greataxe Infantry

Heavy melee infantry with a slow but powerful, armour-piercing attack

  • Strong versus melee units, siege weapons.
  • Weak versus heavy cavalry and ranged attacks.
Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
Upgrades to
Level 1: Feudal Retinue Military
80 6 12 2.33s
Highland Caterans
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Food.jpg: 20;
Metal: 10
Food.jpg: 1
1 Nobles' Court 0 Melee
  • Fast and cheap to create.
  • Cannot resist attrition.
  • Cannot be directly selected using the mouse.

Zhou Qin Wei Zhao Yan Qi Lu Song Shu Dian Kushans Jinhan Choson Saka.png

Overall Strategy[edit]

While they are not as fast as Light Axemen, do not underestimate the prowess of Greataxe Infantry in combat. These warriors may be slow as their weapon, but they are seasoned fighter, and often endowed with good armour, thus allowing them to acquit themselves admirably if facing foes, especially foes with armour. Even the thickest bronze plate or leather is of little use against these men — such is the power of their primary weapons, which are meant for use against armoured units.

Even so, Greataxe Infantry, while useful especially in battle against enemy infantry, are not invincible. Ranged units, as well as heavy infantry, will have a field day against them, be they Hoahā-Chianki or Saka Sahiya Hadabara. for this reason, Greataxe Infantry are best used against factions with slow-moving melee units, such as heavy infantry or elephants. A good use for these units would be as the main assault force of your armies in the Iron Age, using them aggressively against any enemy infantry fighting you head on, or to defend against elephant attacks, but only if you actually can afford them.

Zhongshan does not create Greataxe Infantry, but instead creates Thih'thui-P'openg — Zhongshan Iron Mace Infantry, which are cheaper and faster on foot, thus making them more menacing especially if used against the heavy formations of major factions, such as Qin, Han or Qi.

Unit summary[edit]

  • Thih'thui-P'openg — Zhongshan's Iron Mace Infantry, which replaces Greataxe Infantry, is cheaper and faster than the latter.


They are accessible by a vast slew of factions - except, of course, most southern factions - this includes Chu and Yue. Xianyun also can't recruit them as the Xirong too.