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He took up the shield, sliding his arm through the loops, and drew the long double-edged sword. It glittered in the firelight as he twitched it back and forth easily, making the whisssht sound of cloven air.

— S. M. Stirling, Dies the Fire

In game[edit]

Swordfs icon.png
Oei'si — Vital statistics

Medium infantry that has more armour and attack (especially against mercenaries) and a faster training speed than normal Swordsmen.

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
Upgrades to
  • Castle Age;
  • Level 2: Mercenaries Military
120 8 18 2.1s


Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Timber: 40;
Food.jpg: 40
Timber: 1;
Food.jpg: 1
1 Barracks 2 Melee

Small defensive bonus versus missile infantry.

Roundel teresh.png Roundel othala.png Roundel celtic.png Roundel phrygia.png Roundel vietnam.png Roundel hatti.png Roundle qmt.png Roundel ord.png Roundel bbwel.png Roundel bharat.png Tartessos.png Roundel assur.png

Overall strategy[edit]

Unlike units from other mods of the same name, Oei'si ("Guardsmen") are not armed with swords, but instead carry one-handed heavy axes.

The creme de la creme of Bronze Age infantry, Guardsmen are in effect heavy swordsmen. Being heavily armoured, they are slower on foot, but no less deadlier if attacking other infantry head, or assaulting buildings. These units aren't the ones you want to see, if you are defending a town. Forts might be able to fend them off but only just.

Like Swordsmen, Guardsmen carry a shield and wear body armour, this making them more useful as far as melee units go, but the upshot is that they are slower. They may take less damage from arrow fire, but units armed with javelins (or crossbows for that matter) can easily bypass their defences with their weapons, causing more damage to them. Thus Guardsmen are best used in a purely offensive role, and are best aided with the use of Medium Chariotry or good cavalry to wipe out their enemies. Use Guardsmen to defend against enemy spearmen or draw enemy archer fire, or to form the spearhead of infantry forces taking on an enemy settlement.