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The Han have the power of Architecture.

Sandwiched between the lands of the crown and the state of Wei is Han, one of the so-called "Three Jins" which were formed following the destruction of the duchy of Jin during a civil war. Although small, the marquisate of Han itself has been able to seize part of the banks of the most fertile Yellow River, granting access to a fairly profitable chunk of tillage to support herself.

Han's biggest misfortune, however, is her position. Surrounded by various enemies on all sides, and an indifferent royal family to the south, the Han have no choice but to fight in order to survive the new world order that has emerged Under Heaven ever since the fall of Jin. Already, armies are on the march. Han's new neighbours, Wei to the north, Chu to the south and Qin to the west are all prepared to do anything to make the Han fall. It will take a determined defence and cool diplomacy for Han to navigate the treacherous world of Warring State-Era politcs....and perhaps emerge unbowed, if not triumphant over the rest of China.

Faction Type: Northern Chinese
National Bonuses:

  • Lords of the Golden City : 25% higher Commerce Limit Commerce Cap. Double Taxation Taxation income.
  • Roman Patrimony : Forts and Towers +3 Range.
  • Maritime Tradition : Receive free Trawler with each New Dockyard. Ships built 33% Faster
  • Hunnic Influence : Archers receive free upgrades. Outposts created 33% faster
  • Mercenary Contracts : Receive free archers whenever you build a new Barracks.

Unique Units:

(Han can't train Iron Age cavalry)



  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Xinzheng
  • Yangzhai
  • Xiamiao
  • Daming
  • Gongyi
  • Zhongmu
  • Jinshui
  • Huiji
  • Zhongyuan
  • Shangjie
  • Xingyang
  • Dengfeng
  • Xinmi
  • Wancheng
  • Jindui
  • Xinglin
  • Guapo
  • Chishui
  • Liuzhi
  • Ai
  • Gong
  • Wen
  • Xi
  • Xuanhui
  • Xiang
  • Daoxiang
  • Huanhui
  • An