Heavy Chariot

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Heavy chariots - the main preferred form of chariot, used by most Asian civs. Heavy chariots are armed with either heavy pikes or archers, depending on the faction, and can deal limited splash damage.

  • Assyrians: (Kalbu Rabum) deals splash damage to nearby infantry.
  • Indian (Ratha) heavy chariot: substantially faster.
  • Chinese (Dajunju) heavy chariots

In contrast to the Light and Medium Chariots, Heavy Chariots are full-on melee units, their most interesting ability being the ability to run down units owing to their limited ranged attack. These monsters consist of heavy and stocky horses, pulling a heavy chariot outfitted with a heavily armoured driver and scythes, thus making them ideal for chasing down and trampling lighter units. Heavy Chariots however have several disadvantages: while they are highly effective against ALL infantry, they are susceptible to ranged cavalry units, owing to their slower speed.