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Heavy Guardsmen are an upgrade of the Guardsmen. Instead of cuir bouilli coats, these elite soldiers now wear the finest of bronze armour, and also receive new iron weapons - not to mention a fearsome-looking war mask to intimidate the opposition and a shield to give them better odds of survival against enemy archers. These units are best used for one thing alone, and that is defending against infantry assaults. In sufficient numbers, they can also be used to defeat light or medium cavalry at close quarters, although they should be kept away from units like cavalry skirmishers, chariotry or elephants.

Like all sword units, Heavy Guardsmen are also the perfect unit for storming and taking cities, although by the time you obtain them, they are better off as anti-infantry units as mentioned before - leaving the task of siege warfare to either Battering Rams, or the new siege weapons that one may obtain by converting to Mohism.

Trainable to Yan, Qi, Han and Choson.