Heavy Ji

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In game[edit]

Fauchard Infantry
Ji Infantry — Vital statistics
Ji Infantry

Basic light polearm infantry, slower and with less armour than normal swordsmen, but capable of dealing low splash damage, ideal against tight formations.

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
Upgrade of Upgrades to
  • Castle Age;
  • Level 2: Mercenaries Military
120 8 22 2.1s

Militia rkc.png | Fretinue.png

Heavyji bdzg.png

Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Timber: 40;
Food.jpg: 40
Timber: 1;
Food.jpg: 1
1 Barracks 2 0-1
  • Small defensive bonus versus missile infantry.
  • +1 splash attack radius.
  • Replaces Swordfs icon.png

Burgundy French.jpg

Overall strategy[edit]

Unlike conventional Ji Infantry, the heavier version of these units do not merely lose their mobility and cost for greater durability, but they also carry a bigger punch, thanks to their elite status - only veteran units in Chinese armies are issued with armour.


Pre-20th century Chinese armies predominantly used four classes of melee weapons, which were the Dao (sabre), Qiang (spear), Jian (sword) and Ji.

Of these, the Ji was a weapon unique to China, being a polearm with a steel or bronze tip mounted on the end of a long shaft, next to which is attached a curved blade. Because of the attachment of the curved blade, the weapon can be used to both stab and slash.

The Ji was first used during the Shang Dynasty (17th-11th centuries BCE), when it was made of bronze. It was popularized during the Eastern Zhou Dynasty (770-256BCE), when it was made of steel instead. Conflict with the nomadic tribes of Mongolia and Siberia soon resulted in the Ji being replaced by Qiang-type spears as well as other polearms.