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Holy Roman Empire/Strategic Overview

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Faction Overview Strategic Overview History
  • Strengths: Very good all-rounder civ, excellent modern infantry
  • Weaknesses: very costly late game units, although added timber production should ensure that commercial development can continue smoothly

The HRE is one of the few factions with the backbone of its special forces being mainstream infantry (the others being China, Japan, Spain, and England). This advantage continues to be played well into the Imperial Era, where it also excels with the use of pike-and-shot tactics as do the Spanish. Generally speaking, German unique infantry and gunpowder infantry have a good, if not best, production time record. The only other faction to do this better is China, but Chinese light infantry and gunpowder units are substantially weaker. While Chinese unique units may be known for their cost, neither does the Feudal Retinue line suffer from combat penalties,

File:2011-11-07 11.35.02.png
Imperial unique units are known for their fast training times.

nor does the Landsknecht gunner suffer from a diminished rate of fire. It can often be said that these units form a bunch of "hidden mercenaries" in that their use and recruitment are mostly available to the Empire alone, and that they train very quickly — additionally, Imperial medium infantry are known for their ability in despatching the mercenary units of their foes. Other units aren't neglected, though: if Bohemia and Turkey are known for spamming siege weapons, the Holy Roman Empire's siege units are more efficient, taking far less time to unpack or up sticks whenever so required.

Timber is also an important resource. It goes into economic structures, boats and siege machines. The Empire doesn't just have a wood production bonus, it also receives timber production and building enhancements for free as well, meaning that its buildings are also sturdier and also built faster (with the right Age and correct tech levels). This, however, pales in comparison with what its suppy caravans can do - they heal units around them, allowing for some trench warfare on your behalf. Thus, with fast-producing infantry, fast-working siege weapons and super supply caravans, the Holy Roman Empire seems to be a highly effective nation with good offensive, defensive and economic capabilities. The only major downside to it is that by its economy must be more stringently managed by the Imperial Era - the cost of its unique units during the Imperial Era will balloon, as its light, heavy and gunpowder infantry units will also demand added coin to be produced.

Faction summary[edit]

  • All-rounder faction that prefers, over other things, siege weapons, naval forces and infantry.
  • Snuff Powder — With so much timber harvested, the Empire can be said to be better suited for spamming archers and siege machines, rather than gunpowder units. Yet this should not be a deterrent for matchlock-mad players: your Landsknecht arquebusiers might prove to be potent units indeed.
  • Bob the Builder — As the Empire has a knack for harvesting timber constructing buildings, you should find it not difficult to create a more efficient town faster than others.
  • General Hospital — The Holy Roman Empire is best suited for pitched battles. Your supply wagons have the ability to heal nearby friendly units, so it might well be possible to use missile infantry to seal off areas to deny the enemy ground. Of course, one must always be wary that the enemy may bring siege weapons...
  • Business is Business — The Empire's unique medium infantry are the best units you can use against mercenaries, and deal damage against all mercenary infantry save for one unit: their hated rivals, the Swiss Reisläufer.
  • The Siege Perilous — Germans excel in the art of creating siege weapons. While theTurks and Hungarians might be masters at the art, it is the German siege artillery which might prove to be more cost-effective. After all, you have Berthold Schwartz to thank for discovering the art of creating gunpowder!



Best age(s):[edit]

Castle to Imperial.

Strategic Overview
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