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Their arms regained,
Their streaming limbs they cherished till the blood
Coursed in their veins; until the shadows fell
Short on the sward, and day was at the height.
Then dashed the horsemen on, and held the foe
Twixt flight and battle.

— Lucan, Pharsalia (Bk IV)

In game[edit]

Horsemen — Vital statistics
Scout Cavalry

Light melee cavalry, cheap to create and capable of good speed and flexibility

Prereq: Build time HP LOS Attack Attack speed Movement
Upgrade of Upgrades to
Level 3: Heraldry and Code of Honour Military
73 12 13 1.6s
41 73 12
Cost Created from Armour Weapon range Specialty
Base Ramp Pop
Food.jpg: 60;
Timber: 40
Food.jpg: 1;
Timber: 1
1 Barracks 2 Melee
Bonus damage versus light infantry.

Roundel ark.png Roundel knaan.png Roundel mitanni.png Roundel teresh.png Roundel scythoi.png Roundel othala.png Roundel celtic.png Roundel yin.png Roundel greek.png Roundel zhou.png Roundel elamite.png Roundel s3ba.png Roundel troy.png Roundel phrygia.png Roundel vietnam.png Roundel hatti.png Roundle qmt.png Roundel ord.png Roundel bbwel.png Roundle nub.png Roundel bharat.png Tartessos.png Roundel korea.png Roundel assur.png

Overall strategy[edit]

The very first cavalry unit you can raise, Horsemen are basically men on horseback with a weak attack. They are not as effective as other cavalry units such as Camel Warriors or Light Chariotry, but they are still sufficiently cheap and easy to amass should the need for a fast-moving unit arise. Even so, you should think of them more as a weaker but faster-running low-level infantry unit than the genuine cavalry fielded by the armies of equestrian nations such as those of the Arabs or the Thracians. Eventually, the best use for them would be to upgrade them to Javelin Cavalry, which combines the cheap cost of Horsemen with the attacking power of the Light Chariot.

Unit summary[edit]

  • Float Like A Butterfly, Sting Like A Bee — Scout Cavalry are meant to make quick and fast strikes on unarmoured foes.
  • Keep Away From Sharp Sticks — The bane of Scout Cavalry units are spear-armed units such as Spearmen and Lancers — if you see any, run away!
  • Alforrats — Catalan scout cavalry can be raised as mercenaries by the Sicilians, costing Wealth instead of Timber and Food and with a higher recruitment speed.

CtW information[edit]

Horse Archers are a common sight in Magyar armies, where they boost the production of food, making them highly dangerous, alongside the Persians. Taking them out is a must if you can raise sufficient resources, since they can translate excesses of wealth in the Persian stockpile into more food, which in turn means more infantry to block your way.


Cavalry are mounted soldiers riding horses into battle. Cavalry dominated early battlefields but fell out of favor with the invention of firearms.