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Rise of Chivalry
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CtW Guide

If geography were all that mattered, then Hungary is one of the easier CtW campaign paths. It starts off in the middle of the map  bordered on the south by many lucrative regions: the Central Plains for fine wines, which help with research; and Wallachia for beaver pelts which make for free merchants and tradesmen and access to the Black Sea and Central Asia. To make matters even better, you already start off in control of the Carpathians, with its mother lode of copper. Istria is rich in wealth, but could potentially be a bone of contention between you and the Venetians.

If politics is added to the equation, however, the Hungarian CtW isn't the easiest. Not only do you have to conquer Jerusalem and Latium to assert your claim to power, you also need to defeat 4 of your neighbours — the Bulgars should be your first target and then, you will then have to figure out how to take out  another — either Sicily, Venice, or the Byzantine Empire. Venice is the easiest, but it has big allies in the form of France, the Holy Roman Empire and Byzantium, and attacking Venice may result in another backlash, especially when everyone else is not friendly enough and you have very little tribute in your pocket — in fact you start off with none and can't generate any more.

The biggest problems that you would face would be the Germans and their neighbours — Poland, Germany and Bulgarla all potentially covet the riches of the lands around you, while Venice and Byzantium are potentially friendly towards you. It might be possible to ally with either one from the start to allow for quick overruns of Eastern Europe. Moreover, the wounds of war are still fresh, and your faction has been at war with almost everyone except the Bulgars to your south.

To prevent the breakout of Crusades and the potential of interdict, an alliance with Venice against the Papal States should be considered, although it is to be noted that with sufficient resources, the Papal States are not to be tangled with: already, central Italy is already under the sway of the Papal States, and the Sicilians may have expanded already into whatever is left. You will be hard-pressed to break through them to capture the Apennines in order to secure your hold on Christianity.


CtW objectives

  • Capture Latium and Jerusalem, and outlive 2 of the following 4 factions, ensuring you control more land than the remaining 2 survivors:
  • Capture Jerusalem to gain the support of other Catholic nations

Initial start

Sphere of influence

None; expansionist.

Strategic Overview
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