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Suggestions and spoilers[edit]

  • Strengths: Expansive cultural bonuses and enhanced offensive capabilities of cavalry and artillery
  • Weaknesses: Poor defensive capability of cavalry means lack of flexibility in Hungarian cavalry and a less resilient army.

With multiple abilities and units that are fast on the march well into the Imperial Era, Hungary is an extremely powerful faction, compared to others. The Magyar war machine's ability to traverse great spaces shouldn't be underestimated, given its ability to take cities.

Although the Hungarian army is seen as having a strong cavalry arm, the true heroes of your hordes will be your siege weapons. Your initial Magyars and Várispán lancers are more medium cavalry than heavy, given their lower HP penalty, but this belies the fact that they have added speed and attack, thus Hungarian heavy cavalry is best trained in large numbers and used for flanking attacks. Keep your cavalry in reserve until your opponent exposes his or her flank, and then move them in to exploit it. In siege warfare, Hungary is king — free Mangonels and Trebuchets mean that pesky enemy Rams need not get your cities, while you can pelt theirs into submission. The cheaper Peasants and faster assimilation time also means that Hungary is also capable of strategic expansion through warfare.

In the Imperial Era, the Hungarian heavy cavalry line will be extinct, but they then gain access to two notable units: Pavise Arbalests, and the Super Bombard. The latter is a powerful cannon designed for taking apart siege weapons and fortifications,Another unit to note is the Pavise Arbalest, whose powerful weapon and armour makes it a very tough unit to kill, after Heavy Archers, although it would be said that Heavy Archers are weaker in attack compared to the Pavise Crossbowman.

All of these military and cultural bonuses come together to form a faction that is strong, and highly balanced. The only danger perhaps would be France, with its unique cavalry lines; or Spain's toughened infantry and almogavers; or any faction with heavy-hitting units in the Castle Age that can brush aside Hungary's weaker heavy cavalry.

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Faction summary[edit]

  • Legging It — In battles consisting of open areas, Hungary is king. You will need to micro-manage your troops, particularly your knights, heavy infantry, archers and gunners, in order to bring out their best to crush the enemy in the field.

Best age(s)[edit]

Dark and Imperial, although solid infantry, free siege units and faster assimilation mean that Hungary can very much expand quickly enough during the Dark to Castle Ages to force a victory. The question is how to benefit from its newfound gains without being forced out.

Strategic Overview
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