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The Kushan have the Power of Commerce.

On the peripheries of the known world lie the cities of the Kushan tribes. Unlike other nomads of northern Asia, the Kushans do not live on booty and herding alone, but are involved in the lucrative jade trade with the Chinese kingdoms. Fine pieces of Tarim jade, along with horses are shipped out to China by caravan, in exchange for silk, a highly luxurious yet very practicable fabric.

This was the custom between the Kushans and the Chinese for almost a thousand years. Now, things are falling apart. The Kushan nation grew rich on trade and mining, but now their hands are seldom far from the pommels of their swords and their quivers. Distant wars plague the Chinese lands, while violent nomad raiders wax strong east and west, with no force unified nor any host sufficiently strong to keep them out. For the disparate and scattered Kushans to survive, they will have to forge an alliance with each other to weather the storm sweeping in from the east, or else disappear like dust into the winds.

Faction Tribes: Indo-Iranian North Barbarian
National Bonuses:
  • Merchants collect 50% bonuses from rare resources
  • See all rare resource in your territory
  • Starts game with Market, and can trade resources from the start
  • always trade resources with +20/-20 price bonus
  • Merchants, Caravan and Markets 50% cheaper and 50% more hitpoints
  • +1 limit to number of caravans

National Penalties:

  • Peasants' Communes cost Wealth and may be built only in Towns (Settlements with 5 or more buildings attached to them).

Unique Units:

  • Taxwaran Wazdatta (Kushan cavalry warband armed with superior bow tech)
  • Aursa Wazdatta

[Nobles' Court]



(all governments are open)

Settlements: Leaders:
  • Dunhong
  • Qumu
  • Karama
  • Turpan
  • Qöqäk
  • Usu
  • Ghulja
  • Bole
  • Börtala
  • Sanji
  • Ürümqi
  • Yengi
  • Aksu
  • Altay
  • Alataw
  • Ëƣizi
  • Aral
  • Artux
  • Beitun
  • Tumxuk
  • Khotan
  • Qeshqer
  • Korla
  • Kokdala
  • Kɵkdala
  • Kurumkax
  • Kuytun
  • Khorgas
  • Qoshögüz
  • Bashegym
  • Maues
  • Vonon
  • Spalahor
  • Spalirises
  • Spalagadames
  • Azilis
  • Azes
  • Zeionises
  • Kharahost
  • Hajatria
  • Liaka
  • Kusuluka
  • Kusulaka
  • Patika
  • Bhumaka
  • Nahapana
  • Aprācas
  • Rukhana
  • Aspa
  • Sasan
  • Kozana
  • Vima
  • Koziya
  • Hagana
  • Arsak