Medium Chariot

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In game[edit]

Overall strategy[edit]

Unlike light chariots, which are a rudimentary form of ranged cavalry, Medium Chariotry are a completely different class of unit altogether, being capable of attacking not just at range, but in melee as well. Just think of them as being weaker war elephants, being capable of killing melee infantry at close up as well as at range, thanks to their hard-hitting and highly accurate composite bows.

Thus, Medium Chariotry are highly useful units, especially when used in tandem with infantry — particularly sword units, which are capable of resisting javelin fire. A good mix to use is often a group of Medium Chariotry, accompanied with good melee units, and Skirmisher Levy units. Use the Medium Chariotry to punish enemy units from afar, then move in with Skirmisher Levy to distract the foe while your melee units close in on them. This is especially important since Medium Chariots, despite being armoured, are quite vulnerable, especially if enemy skirmishers or good archers can catch up with them. Even simple Skirmisher Cavalry or Zhou Crossbowmen can be deployed against Medium Chariotry — any chariot units in fact — and they will be able to destroy them outright.

Upgrade of Light Chariot. Has more HP and one grade of armour, and wields composite bows. Still not as fast as the cav units of some civs though, but still very effective as chariots go.

  • Slower to move, but tougher.
  • Better range and rate of fire.

Medium Chariots appear for a fair number of Middle Eastern factions - most notably the Hittites, Assur, Indians, Shang and Zhou.