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Rise of Chivalry
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CtW Guide

Unlike the other 8 factions playable in the early campaign, the Mongols have no fixed objectives save 3: the Chinese, Japanese and Turks must all be vassalised or destroyed, in addition to the destruction of all hostile factions or by achieving a marginal victory. The first thing that you should do as the Mongols would be to capture northern Asia: the Chukchi tribes who settle the taiga there are much friendlier than other factions and will be more than willing to help you, provided you have the tribute. In fact, all they care for is tribute. Sibir will grant you an extra army; Kolyma grants access to whales, which create food for your light infantry and cavalry, and the Yakutsk region grants a bonus wood card, handy for enhancing your ability to spam cavalry archers in a Conquest-type game.

You should then subsequently set about the conquest of Eastern Asia. Beware, though, as the Chinese are protected by the Great Wall, a series of fortifications that have now fallen into the hands of several renegade states. Once you breach any section of the wall, however, the whole of China is now readly for conquest. Beware, though, as the capitals would result in some rather hairy scenarios, so be prepared. But it's all worth it, as North Asia grants the highest amount of tribute once you have consolidated your hold throughout. Dealing with the Muslims and Christians can be a rather tricky job. While controlling the Hejaz might allow you to create vassal-states of the Muslims and even receive tribute, it would be better to leave Jerusalem alone, or, having taken it, give it to somebody else. Unlike in history, you are most likely to encounter a Europe uited against you should you come too close. In any case, finding a means of dividing and conquering will be your means of dominating the west when the time comes.

If you are playing against the Mongols, you should be warned - the Mongols are not to be trifled with. If you are allied with them, they will ask for tribute each turn, failing to pay which results in war.

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CtW objectives

  • Complete the game either through conquering more land or by destroying all hostile factions.
  • Ensure that the following factions are not independent or alive:
    • China
    • Japan
    • Oghuz Turks
  • Secondary objectives
    • Conquer Sichuan; the Yellow River Basin; Manchuria; and Goguryeo for 2 Flowering of Culture cards
    • Conquer the Hejaz to for better relations with Islamic rulers — we can always appoint our own indigenous Muslim officials to run Mecca

Initial start

Sphere of influence

None; expansionist!

Strategic Overview
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