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Rise of Chivalry
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CtW Guide

In Rise of Chivalry your task will be to recreate the Almoravid Empire, first by conquering western Africa and then finally taking the fight to Spain, where the Muslim nations of that land have collapsed into Taifas. While Africa is mostly unoccupied, it is beyond Libya and Gibraltar that your problems really start. It might well be important to occupy the Meseta and then reinforce your positions there. Brace yourself as during the Castle Age or whenever a Christian faction garrisons Jerusalem, there will be war in Spain between you and the other two factions nearby: Asturias and France. It would prove best if you could destroy Asturias first, as it is closest to your holdings.

You should try to seek an alliance with Kalbid Sicily for it might be important to you to expand eastwards beyond the Balearic sea and into Libya, as not only do you face massive odds in Spain, but your friend could also expect some help from you against Arab and Byzantine foes in return for shared lordship of the Mediterranean.

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CtW objectives

  • Conquer your sphere of influence.
  • Secondary objectives
    • Conquer both Iberia and Africa, to receive a Missionaries card with each continent conquered
    • Conquer the Hejaz for better relations with Islamic rulers - we can always appoint our own indigenous Muslim officials to run Mecca
    • Conquer Jerusalem to gain support from Saracens; Turks; Mongols; and Sicilians

Initial start

Sphere of influence

Strategic Overview
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