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Renovatio Europam
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CtW Guide

In Renovatio Europam, the Marinids are the main Moorish faction, and have their capital in the Atlas region, and Granada is a rebel province - in fact it is the only one in all of the Iberian peninsula, with the exception of Navarre.

Unlike the Rise of Chivalry campaign, you really only have four enemies: Spain, Portugal, Sicily and the Papal States who control Central Italy. The Papal States are too far away, and Africa however is unoccupied save for yourself and the Egyptians in the far eastern corner of Africa, while the three major island strongholds of Sardinia, Corsica and Malta are under different titles of ownership - Malta and Sardinia are controlled by the Aragonese Sicilians, while Corsica is unoccupied.

Even though Africa looks tempting, do not stray because your main enemies are the Portuguese and the Spanish who are trying to wrest away Granada. You should send your army directly north to take it, and then retake Denia and Malaga from the Spanish - this territory is extremely weak so it should not be an issue taking it back. Do try and establish relations with Egypt and other factions in the Mediterranean - you need to try and ensure that Tunis and Libya eventually become yours, while keeping your foes in Spain under check. Once this is done, then you can do what you need to do - re-establishing the Iberian caliphate with you in charge. Push as much as you can in Spain, but be wary of meeting the French as they may put up very stiff resistance if you go too far.

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CtW objectives

  • Eliminate all non-aligned factions or acquire 10 colonies
  • Secondary task:
    • Establish relations with Egypt as soon as possible.

Initial start

Sphere of influence

Strategic Overview
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