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The Nanman have the power of the South.

Despite having lost so much land over the last millenium, the Nanman are however still a force to reckon with. With their control of the mountain passes leading into the rest of Asia and defended by their mountainous homeland, the Nanman are also in control of rich deposits of metals which they duly work or trade away for additional goods, generating additional income. Being disunited and hidden in the mountains away from the Viet and the Chinese also has an added benefit: the decentralised nature of their country means that they won't go down so easily and that any one who dares to call htemselves the Son of Heaven will have to come to terms with coexisting with the Nanman, or otherwise commit massive resources and possibly bleed themselves dry if they were to subjugate the Nanman.

It's all they have in a harsh world of bronze and iron right now. Once, the Nanman nation covered the vast expanse of land south of the Central Plains and dominated the Great River and the Pearl River, but the rise of the Shang has seen them slowly edged out, through assimilation or ethnic cleansing, and now they occupy only the foothills of the southwest, menaced by the states of Ba, Shu and Chu. The Chinese aren't the only threat to the survival of the Nanman, however: a neighbouring people, the Viet, are slowly waxing as a new power in the region, and have dominated the southeastern coastlands. But even as these new polities arise, they have begun to fight one another, and with these many threats, an opportunity awaits. Perhaps, when the fighting has ground their adversaries to dust, the Nanman may arise once more and take back what was once theirs. 

Faction Type: Tribal
National Bonuses:

  • Start with 1 extra citizen, rececive 3 for next city and 5 for all future cities
  • Start with Temple and research Religion Religion line of research for free
  • Repair Buildings 50% faster, and citizens can repair under fire without penalty
  • Towers 33% cheaper

Unique Units:

  • [Settlement] Peons, Slaves, Peasant Levy , Hunters
  • [Outpost] Explorer, Skirmisher Levy
  • [House] Bow Levy, Tribal Spearmen, Tribal Crossbow

Tribal units use Wealth for their ramp.

  • [Barracks] Spearmen => Heavy Spearmen, Light Axes
  • [Stable] Horsemen, Horse Raiders
  • [Nobles' Court] Heavy Axes, Guardsmen


  • War Boats, War Barge, Barque


  • [Nanman] Man Warriors, Sino-Man Crossbowmen, Man Horsemen


  • Centralisation


Settlements: Leaders:
  • Bijie
  • Mayang
  • Linyuan
  • Dingcheng
  • Hongyun
  • Jinshi
  • Xianyang
  • Shimen
  • Li
  • Liyang
  • Linli
  • Anfu
  • Hecheng
  • Hongjiang
  • Yuanling
  • Chenxi
  • Xupu
  • Huitong
  • Xinhuang
  • Zhijiang
  • Jingzhou
  • Tongdao
  • Longyang
  • Lengshuitan
  • Lingling
  • Dong'an
  • Dao
  • Ningyuan
  • Jiangyong
  • Lanshan
  • Xintian
  • Shuangpai
  • Qiyang
  • Shenliu 
  • Anxiang
  • Alang
  • Cai
  • Chue
  • Ci
  • Foom
  • Fuechy
  • Fwam
  • Hawj
  • Kaus
  • Kee
  • Koob-Hmoov
  • Koob-Meej
  • Kub
  • Lis
  • Muas
  • Nhia
  • Nruag
  • Pobtsuas
  • Rwg
  • Tooj
  • Tswb
  • Tub
  • Wang-Meng
  • Xyoob
  • Yeej
  • Zoov
  • Huab