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Imperial Campaign
Playable factions Luh han.png Xichu.png Nan yue.png Choson Xianyu.png

In the Imperial Campaign, Nanyue assumes the powers of the Bach Viet confederacy, and is depicted as a three-territory state, comprising its capital of Nanhai, the land of Ailao, alongside Yelang as a vassal.

The start game of Nanyue is quite difficult, as it is involved in a three-way war, with Dian to the west, Au Lac to the south, and Min to the direct north and a potentially hostile Chu kingdom. The only good news however is that Nanyue has a trio of bonus cards: Partisans, Wealth Boom and Political Dissidents, and a healthy amount of tribute, in addition to its three armies thanks to Yelang's vassalage and Nanhai's internal supply centre. With these armies, Nanyue has two choices. It can either blitz across northern China through the west, first by dismantling Au Lac and Dian, and then marching northwards to destroy the Liu Han threat, before turning on Min and Xiang Yu's powerful Xichu by going for a direct strike on his capital, based in Wu.

The only problem however is that the Xichu empire is not at all united - it also comprises the vassal states of Wei and Qin which if released would have ambitions of their own. Further. Xiang Yu has failed to resolve the crises involving the rebel states of Zhao and Qi to the north, so any attempt to take out Xiang Yu, while ideal, may result in a massive war should these rebels then cast their lot with Liu Han. Ultimately, the best move for Nanyue ought to be to form alliances, either with Han or the other non-Xichu states and then begin a war to take over the Chinese Central Plain, and hopefully then wipe out your allies along with the other nations of the world. It will not be easy, for time is not on your side.


CtW objectives[edit]

Destroy all other independent factions.

Initial start[edit]

  • Territories: Nanhai (level 3); Ailao (level 1)
  • Alliances: Yan
  • Enemies: Xiongnu
  • Tribute.png: 50
  • Bonus.png: 1 x Food Boom, 1 x Logistics, 1 x Cultural Dominance.
Strategic Overview
Basic gameplay Grand Campaign Imperial Campaign