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A Nobles' Court is a special building which hosts religion-related units and technologies. Historically, these buildings would constitute parliaments or quarters for the nobility, and could be used by the sovereign to enact laws and to restrain the unruliness of the aristocracy by forcing them to dwell near the capital, where they could be better moderated.

Only the Chinese factions of Bronze Dawn, alongside the Sakas and the Kushans, may build Nobles' Courts, and they require:

  • Iron Age
  • Masonry from Assembly
  • Taxation from Granary

So the powerful and strong units of the Nobles' Court are available only to the most advanced and complex of societies!

Units trained[edit]


Asian and Muslim factions have the ability to recruit very powerful and specialised agents from the nobles' court. Although most of them have different abilities, one trait that they do share is the ability to perform assasinations against any and all units, including spies.

  • Imperial legates are Asian agents which have extra hitpoints and craft. While they are cloaked when moving, they are also capable of detecting hidden units, neutralising enemy spies, and assassination.
  • Monomi are the ultimate agent, and are a Japanese unique unit upgrade of the Imperial legate. They are faster, have the most hitpoints and craft, and are capable of performing assasinations, counterintelligence and sabotage missions.


Indo-Aryan (for Saka, Kushans)[edit]

  • Guardsmen
  • Heavy Axemen
  • Kamboja Asvaka Ksatriya
  • Hoplitai Indohellenikoi
  • Yavana Kadhgadhara
  • Sahiya Hadabara,
  • Aursa Wazdatta
  • Elephantes Indikoi [1]

Muslim units and techs[edit]


Name Class Name Class
Mamluk Lancer Heavy cavalry Royalmameluke ico.png Ghilman Cavalry Medium raiding cavalry
Ghilman ico.png
Tabardiyyah Infantry Heavy polearms infantry Vlaxch.png Fedayeen Super agent
Ac ico.png

Fedayeen are Muslim agents which can only bribe other units, but have extra hitpoints and craft, are cloaked when moving, and have a very high attack that can kill most units in one hit. It is to be noted that an exact replica of this unit, known as the hashishin, are recruitable by some non-Muslim factions (notably Venice and Russia) as mercenary units, and also feature greatly in some CtW scenarios.

Darul Islam[edit]


"Believers, be steadfast and guard your borders."

  • Increases knowledge accumulation to the highest possible maximum without wonders
  • Houses of worship won't convert in enemy territory
  • Opens access to a select corps of military units.
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 990Timber; 990Food.jpg
  • Time to complete: Long
  • Level 7: Divine right Civics
  • Five Pillars Pedagogics


  • Imperial Legate
  • Monomi

Unique units[edit]



Name Class Name Class
Noyan Super cavalry archer Noyan ico.png

Keshig Guard Super cavalry archer Keshig ico.png


Name Class
Ghilman Cavalry Medium raiding cavalry
Ghilman ico.png
Royal Hounds Light swordsmen Dromond.png


Attrition Attrition[edit]

Attrition upgrades increase the damage that enemy units will suffer in your territory, and are also required for some militia units.

Imperial Mandate
Imperial Mandate
(Chinese only)

"The Empire is a family of which the Emperor is the father."

  • Prereqs:
    • Oath of Fealty Attrition
    • Level 3: Fiscal Policy Administration
    • Level 2: Military Tradition Military
  • Inflicts attrition damage to enemy troops in your territory at Level 2.
  • 300Wealth; 300Metal
  • Time to complete: Rather fast

Note: Level 3 is attainable only with Imperial Mandate.

  • Requires: Asceticism from house of worship; Land Law from Granary.
  • For Japan, Divine Mandate allows access to several units: the Monomi; Saburai Cavalry, Saburai Archers and Foot Saburai fron the Nobles' Court; and Ashigaru from the Barracks, upgraded into a Dojo.
  • Grants the use of the following buildings:

Production/low-level defence[edit]

  • Munitions Ministry (China and Serbia)
  • Constabulary (China, Mongolia, Armenia)
  • Dojo (Japan)
  • Naval Cantonment (China, Japan)
  • Chapterhouse (Byzantium, Serbia, Russia)
  • Magistracy (Byzantium, Serbia, Armenia, Russia)
  • Eunuch's Court (Byzantium, China)
  • Imperial City (China, Mongolia, Japan)

High-level defence[edit]

  • Bastion (all)
  • Stronghold (Mongolia, China)
Cost Requirements Leads to
  • 880Timber; 880Food
  • Time to complete: Long


  • Royal Hounds